NATO Plus: ‘India becomes a member of NATO Plus…’, American Congress Committee raised demand before PM Modi’s visit

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NATO Plus: Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit, the American Congress Committee has recommended the Biden government to include India in NATO Plus. The committee says that this will strengthen NATO Plus. NATO Plus is currently a security arrangement designed to promote global defense cooperation. It consists of an alliance between NATO and five coalition countries. These countries are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel and South Korea. If India becomes the sixth country of NATO Plus, then there will be facility in sharing of intelligence between these countries and defense-security can be easily linked with America.

Congress Committee Chairman Mike Gallagher and ranking member Raja Krishnamurthy proposed India’s inclusion in NATO Plus. The president called for the United States to strengthen ties with our allies and security partners, including India, to win strategic competition with the Chinese Communist Party and ensure Taiwan’s security. India’s inclusion in the NATO Plus security arrangement will strengthen the close partnership between the US and India. This will curb China’s aggression in the Indo-Pacific region.

Plan made to weaken China

Indian-American Ramesh Kapoor, who has been working on the proposal for the past six years, said it is an important initiative. He hoped that the recommendation would find place in the National Defense Authorization Act 2024 and eventually become the law of the country. The China or Congressional Committee stated that economic sanctions against China in the case of an attack on Taiwan would be most effective if major allies such as the G7, NATO, NATO+5, and Quad members are involved, and negotiate a joint response and convey this message Airing publicly has the added benefit of boosting immunity.

The committee said that just as we create joint contingency plans for fighting a war, we need to coordinate with US allies in peacetime. To that end, Congress should pass legislation similar to the STAND WITH TAIWAN Act of 2023, which mandates the development of an economic sanctions package.

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