The cheapest tomato available near your house, people are buying it fiercely, how? know here


Cheapest Tomato: Tomato prices are skyrocketing. In such a situation, all the people who once used to buy one kilo of tomatoes, are now buying a pav. At the same time, some people have stopped eating tomatoes. But neither there is a need to give more importance to tomatoes nor to give up eating them.

Actually, there is such a tomato in the market, which is being sold cheap. That too near your house. By buying one kilo, you can increase the taste of your food for several days. Especially children find it very tasty.

Tomato ketchup will increase the taste of food

Yes, we are talking about tomato ketchup. Tomatoes where the market is being sold from Rs 120 to Rs 200 per kg. And the price of ketchup is Rs 100 per kg. Use ketchup in vegetables and other dishes, the taste will increase.

Ketchup being sold for 100 to 150 rupees

Mohit Bansal, the owner of a grocery store living in Mathura, told that the prices of tomatoes are high. One kg of tomato is being sold for Rs 120 to 150 per kg. In such a situation, the sale of ketchup has increased. There has been no increase in its price either.

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Mohit told that Kisan ketchup is being sold for Rs.100 per kg. And Maggi ketchup is Rs 150 per kg. Along with this, 4 Maggi is being given free. Tomato ketchup of Tops is Rs 70 per kg.

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