Kerala Accident Video: Police jeep of education minister’s convoy hit an ambulance in Kerala, 3 injured including patient

Kerala Accident Video

Kerala Accident Video: An ambulance overturned after hitting the vehicle of Kerala Education Minister V Sivankutty’s convoy. Three people, including the patient traveling in the ambulance, were injured in the incident. A case has been registered against the drivers of the ambulance and the police vehicle in this episode. Video of the incident has surfaced. Thankfully no major accident happened and everyone remained safe.

Watch the video…

Traffic was stopped due to the minister

This incident is from Kottarakkara in Kollam district. Education Minister V Sivankutty’s convoy was passing through Pulman Junction. Traffic was stopped for some time to allow the minister’s convoy to pass. The minister’s convoy was moving forward, when an ambulance came on the way. The ambulance collided with the police jeep. The collision was so strong that the ambulance overturned on the road. In the CCTV footage that surfaced of the accident, it can be seen that the ambulance is continuously moving forward. The vehicle of the minister’s convoy also keeps on moving and collides with the ambulance.

The vehicle of the convoy also hit the bike

The vehicle of the minister’s convoy involved in the accident stopped after hitting a bike parked at some distance. However, by then the speed of the vehicle had reduced. Two people were riding on the bike. He has also got injuries. The minister reportedly got out of the vehicle after the accident. However, according to reports he left the spot after inquiring about the condition of the injured.

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