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BSNL also closed its 4 cheap plans like Airtel!

BSNL STV Recharge Plan Discontinue: For the last few years, telecom companies are increasing the prices of their plans and taking a decision to discontinue some plans. A few days ago, Airtel had increased the prices of its cheap plans and discontinued the plans coming in that price.

Similarly, now BSNL is also running. The company has discontinued its 4 cheap recharge plans. BSNL has discontinued four STV recharge plans (BSNL STV Recharge Plan Discontinue) which used to come in Rs 71, Rs 104, Rs 135 and Rs 395. Know about what is STV recharge plan and why it has been discontinued by the company.

What are STV recharge plans?

BSNL has discontinued its four affordable STV recharge plans. STV stands for Special Tariff Voucher. These are special types of recharge plans that are offered by the company for a specific period. However, considering its popularity, the company has been increasing the validity of these plans.

why cheap recharge plans closed

Airtel has adopted the formula of discontinuing its plans instead of making them expensive. Similarly, apart from BSNL, other telecom companies are also discontinuing their cheap plans.

BSNL Rs 71 Plan

BSNL’s Rs 71 plan used to come with a validity of 30 days. In this, talk-time of Rs 20 was available as a facility. Calling, SMS and data facilities were not available in this.

BSNL Rs 104 Plan

BSNL’s Rs 104 plan is with 18 days validity. It offers 3 GB data, 30 SMS and 300 minutes. Also came with a discount coupon.

BSNL Rs 135 Plan

BSNL’s Rs 135 plan comes with a validity of 24 days. 1440 minutes calling benefit was available in this plan.

BSNL Rs 395 Plan

BSNL’s Rs 395 plan used to come with a validity of 71 days. Talking about convenience, it used to get 1800 minutes of off-net calling benefit including 3000 minutes of on-net calling. After exceeding the calling limit, a charge of 20 paise per minute is levied. Daily 2GB data benefit was also available in this.


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