Harry-Meghan Car Chase: ‘Paparazzi chased my car dangerously…’, claims Prince Harry-Meghan Markle in New York

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan

Harry-Meghan Car Chase: Britain’s royal family Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle’s car was dangerously chased in New York, USA on Tuesday night. His spokesman told news agency Reuters that it could have proved disastrous. According to the spokesperson, the paparazzi followed the car of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for about two hours. During this, many pedestrians and police vehicles were saved from collision on the way. Megan’s mother Doria was also in the car. It was the first public event Prince Harry attended since the coronation of his father, King Charles.

Prince Harry went to America in 2020

Let us inform that Prince Harry and Megan resigned from their royal roles in 2020. He had moved to the United States to escape the media. Prince Harry often talks about illegal intrusion of the press into members of the royal family. He also blames the paparazzi for the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

Mother Diana died trying to escape from paparazzi

Actually, Prince Harry’s mother Diana died in a road accident in 1997. Diana was riding in a car in Paris. Then the paparazzi tried to follow him. His car had met with an accident while trying to escape from the paparazzi. Apart from Diana, her partner Dodi Fayed and the driver of the car, Henri Paul, were also killed in this accident.

What is paparazzi?

Paparazzi are independent photographers who take photographs of various activities of daily life of sportspersons, actors, politicians. They even go against the principles of the media to make it interesting and sensational. They don’t even refrain from peeping into personal life.

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