Twitter will get tough competition from Bluesky! Jack Dorsey introduced new social media platform


Bluesky Social Media App: You can understand the latest evidence of how times change with the turmoil going on at Twitter, the world’s biggest microblogging site. Once upon a time Jack Dorsey was the founder and CEO of Twitter and today Jack Dorsey has introduced his new social media platform Bluesky in comparison to Twitter.

Bluesky Social Media App in Apple Play Store

Currently, BlueSky is being tested and has been made available on Apple’s App Store. Currently BlueSky can only be used on the beta version via invitation. According to a report, BlueSky was made available on Apple’s App Store on 17 February 2023 and within 24 hours of the app being published, more than 2,000 people had installed it.

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On BlueSky you can post up to 256 characters with the click of a button, just like on Twitter. “What’s happening?” Asks for posts from inquiring Twitter users and on BlueSky you will see “What`s up?” Will get to see. You can also block, mute and share users on BlueSky.

Bluesky came to compete with Twitter

BlueSky also has a Twitter-like Discover tab with suggestions of “who to follow.” In this, people get to see posts in the form of a feed just like Twitter. At the moment, it does not have the facility of direct messaging but to a large extent it is similar to Twitter.

By the way, remind you that former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has been working on the BlueSky project since 2019. Jack Dorsey has been working full time on the BlueSky project since leaving Twitter last year. In October last year, Jack had also posted a post on Twitter regarding BlueSky. BlueSky has received funding of $ 13 million, or about Rs 10 crore, last year.

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