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Archana’s ‘Chandi’, Shaleen’s ‘Saade Saati’

Bigg Boss 16: The show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is progressing in a great way. By reaching the finale, each and every contestant is dreaming of lifting the trophy in their hands. To survive in the show, the contestants are fighting every day. Along with this, the fans also get excited for the upcoming episodes after seeing the daily changing equation of the family members. Meanwhile, the future of Shaleen Bhanot and Archana Gautam has been decided, in which Archana Gautam is seen playing the game.

Bigg Boss 16 Update

‘Bigg Boss 16’ (Bigg Boss 16A Twitter account sharing updates related to ) has informed that astrologer Suresh Sharma is going to arrive in the show soon. Astrologers will tell about the future of the contestants by reading their faces. Meanwhile, he will be seen making big claims about Archana Gautam and Shalin Bhanot.

Archana’s ‘Chandi’, Shaleen’s ‘Sade Sati’

It is learned from the tweet that astrologer Suresh Sharma is going to worry Shaleen Bhanot. According to astrology, Shaleen Bhanot’s ‘Saade Saati’ is about to begin. At the same time, the fate of Archana Gautam is about to turn around. According to Suresh Sharma, the year 2026 is going to be very lucky for Archana. This year will bring all the happiness in Archana’s life.

Users target on Shalin Bhanot

Knowing the future of Shalin Bhanot, social media users have become active and are seen giving their reaction by tweeting. Many users have described Tina Dutta as ‘Sade Sati’ in Shaleen Bhanot’s life. Whereas some have termed Shaleen as ‘fake’. Not only this, many have been seen targeting Shaleen, calling her a shop for over acting. In this way, the upcoming episode of the show is going to be very exciting for both the contestants and the fans.

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