Bengaluru: Unemployed son conspires for property, kills father by paying Rs 1 crore to contract killer

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Bengaluru: An unemployed son killed his father for property in Bengaluru. The accused son had given a betel nut of one crore rupees to the contract killer for the murder of his father. The police have arrested the accused son.

The Karnataka Police on Tuesday said that the murder of a 71-year-old man in Bengaluru has been solved. The son of the deceased and two contract killers have been arrested in the case. Police said that investigation has revealed that Manikant (30), son of the deceased, had given a betel nut worth Rs one crore to the contract killer.

The old man was murdered on February 13

The contract killers have been identified as T Adarsh ​​(26) and Shivakumar (24). Please tell that the elderly Narayanaswamy was murdered on February 13 in the parking lot of his apartment. The role of other persons in the murder is also suspected and they will also be arrested soon, police said.

According to the police, the accused had done two marriages. Angered by this, Narayanaswamy took the side of Manikant’s second wife and decided to register his property in her name. Enraged by this, Manikant decides to kill his father.

Manikant has gone to jail for the murder of his first wife.

In 2013, Manikant went to jail for the murder of his first wife. After this, the accused tried to murder his second wife as well, after which he was sent to jail. He met the contract killer when he was in jail for trying to kill his second wife. During this, he had given a betel nut of Rs 1 crore for the murder of his father. He also talked about giving one flat each to the contract killers.

The accused had given one lakh rupees in advance

Police said that Manikant had given one lakh rupees as advance to the contract killers. According to the police, Narayanaswamy owned an apartment complex consisting of 28 flats, as well as an acre of land in Bengaluru.

Narayanaswamy wanted a flat, 1.7 acres of land in the name of his son Manikant’s second wife. Along with this, 15 lakh rupees were also to be given in cash. It was only after this information that the accused conspired to kill his own father. At present, the Marathahalli police is probing the matter.

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