Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway: 118 KM length, Rs 8480 crore cost… Know full details of Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway

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Bengaluru-Mysuru Expressway: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway on 12 March. The construction of this 118 kilometer long expressway has cost Rs 8 thousand 480 crore. Giving information related to the inauguration, PM Modi tweeted that this is an important connectivity project, which will contribute to the development of Karnataka.

As per information, the Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway is a part of NH (National Highway)-275. Four rail overbridges, 9 important bridges, 89 underpasses and overpasses have been built in this. After the inauguration of this expressway, the travel time between some of the most popular cities of Karnataka will come down from 3 hours to 90 minutes or less.

Earlier, replying to a tweet thread by Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, PM Modi tweeted about the Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway connectivity project to contribute to the development of Karnataka. Nitin Gadkari wrote in his tweet that access to areas like Srirangapatna, Coorg, Ooty and Kerala would be improved through the expressway, which would increase tourism potential.

Responding to Union Minister Gadkari’s tweet, PM Modi said that the Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway project will greatly help in the development of Karnataka. Explain that the expressway has been constructed as part of the flagship Bharatmala Project (BMP) of the Central Government. Bikes, autos and other slow vehicles will not be allowed to ply on the expressway.

Benefits of the Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway

The distance from Bangalore to Mysore will be covered in 90 minutes instead of 3 hours. The problem of jam will end with the construction of 59 over and underpass. Connectivity will also improve after the opening of the expressway, which will attract investors to the city.

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