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Bengaluru: iPhone craze made a killer, ordered and killed the delivery boy, then burnt the dead body

Bengaluru: A sensational case of murder has come to light in Karnataka. Here the young man killed a delivery boy because he did not have the money to pay for the iPhone.

After this, the dead body was kept at his house for three days. After this it was burnt. When the police started the investigation, he was caught. He has accepted his crime.

Hemant Naik was the delivery boy of Ekart company.

kept the dead body in the house for three days

This whole incident is of 7th February. Hemant Dutt, who lives in Hassan district, ordered a second hand iPhone through EKart. EKart is a subsidiary of e-commerce platform Flipkart.

When the delivery boy Hemant Naik reached Hemant Dutt’s house for delivery of the order, the accused asked him to sit inside the house. Went to another room on the pretext of bringing his money. From where instead of bringing the money, the accused brought a knife and attacked the delivery boy several times. Due to this the delivery boy died.

Captured with dead body in CCTV

According to investigation, Hemant Dutt kept the dead body of the delivery boy in a sack and kept it in his house for three days. After this, the dead body was burnt by taking it near the railway track. Police said Hemant Dutt had also bought petrol to burn the body and destroy evidence.

Bhai Manju Naik had lodged the missing report of Hemant Naik with the police. Police started investigation. During this, Dutt was captured in CCTV cameras riding on a two-wheeler with the dead body towards the railway track. Two days ago also he was seen buying petrol in a bottle from a petrol pump.

After this the police arrested the accused. After strict interrogation, he accepted his crime.

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