Ban imposed on iPhone, this country took the decision amid fears of espionage

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iPhone Ban: Russia says that America is keeping an eye on them through phone. Apple iPhones have been banned from use by government officials in Russia over surveillance claims, media reports said on Monday. Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSS) has asked thousands of officers to stop using iPhones and other Apple products like iPads.

According to a report in the Financial Times, from July 17, employees of Russia’s Ministry of Trade will not be allowed to use iPhones at work. The report quoted sources as saying, “The FSB, the security officers in the ministries, announced that the iPhone is no longer considered secure and alternatives must be explored.”

The FSB and other Russian officials said that they actually believed the US could use their equipment for wiretapping. He added that while the FSB has long been concerned about the use of iPhones for professional contacts. At the same time, there can be opposition to this change.

In March, the Kremlin asked officials to stop using Apple products, fearing that the devices could be used for US hacking.

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What did Apple say?

Last month, the Russian government accused Apple of working with US intelligence agencies. This claim has been strongly denied by the tech giant. Apple said the company has never done any work with any government for any Apple product.

The report claimed that the ban on Apple products at key ministries and institutions ‘reflects growing concern in the Kremlin and the Federal Security Service spy agency over increased espionage activity by US intelligence agencies against Russian state institutions.’

A Rostec representative told the Financial Times that the restrictions apply to all Apple devices. But their use for personal purposes is still allowed.

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