Hindu Rashtra’ remark: ‘Don’t convert under pressure…’, Nitish Kumar lashed out at Bageshwar Dham chief Dhirendra Shastri’s statement of ‘Hindu nation’

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Hindu Rashtra Remark: Pandit Dhirendra Shastri, the narrator of Bageshwar Dham, on Tuesday appealed to the people in Bihar to make India a Hindu nation. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given his strong reaction to his appeal. Nitish Kumar has said that the freedom struggle was fought by people of all religions. The constitution of the country was also made with the consent of all the people and when the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and these people named it, everyone’s consent was formed. People should pay attention to that only, not change it. We are surprised that people are talking like this.

On the pretext of media, CM Nitish Kumar made a big attack on the Modi government at the center without taking its name and said that he has got control over the country’s media. That’s why the media is also not able to show the correct facts. Nitish said that whatever is the name of the country, will he change the name of the country as well. Those who are talking like this now, were they born during the freedom struggle. We were also born later, but we have learned about the culture of this country from our forefathers and have taken knowledge from them. The CM said that those people should believe in the religion they believe in. No one should convert people’s religion under pressure or people should not change their religion.

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Regarding Baba Bageshwar’s talk of making the people of Bihar Rammay, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that whatever religion they follow, be it Ram or Krishna. There are 7 religions in this country. Religion is less in some places, but people of all religions live in all places. Maximum number of people got knowledge in Bihar itself. We work for all religions in Bihar. Whatever happens in temples, mosques, gurudwaras or other things. We actively participate in it. That’s why we also appeal to people not to dispute with each other. Those who talk like this from the stage have their own views. That’s why people should not take notice of all these things.

Approval will have to be taken to change the constitution

After BJP leader Union Minister worshiped in Baba’s court, on raising many questions, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that we have nothing to do with all these things, it is his personal matter, anyone can worship any religion. Could Making a big attack in gestures, the Chief Minister said that he has nothing to do with the policies of the country, nor is he concerned with the Constitution. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that no one can create an atmosphere in the country against the Constitution, if such people create such an atmosphere, then the public will definitely answer them. The Chief Minister said that in order to make changes in the constitution, first he has to take approval from the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, then the constitution will approve it, so such a thing is absurd.

Government should be formed soon in Karnataka

For the first time, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given his reaction in the media and congratulated the Congress leaders for the victory of the Congress in the Karnataka elections. He said that now the government should be formed there as soon as possible.

At the same time, journalists asked Nitish Kumar, who was engaged in strengthening the opposition unity, whether you will go to the southern states and meet the leaders of different parties? On which Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that we have met those whom we wanted to meet.

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