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Bad effect of Rubbing eyes: Rubbing eyes repeatedly can make you blind, know its other disadvantages

Bad effect of Rubbing eyes: Often you would have seen that many people are seen rubbing their eyes. Actually, when there is itching and burning sensation in the eyes, due to this, there is a lot of itching in our eyes, due to which the risk of infection increases many times. Eyes are the most beautiful gift given by God, through which we can see the views of this beautiful world. They are very delicate, but sometimes due to our mistake, the eyes get injured. Actually, rubbing the eyes can cause infection, allergies and many problems related to the eyes. Let us know today what are the disadvantages of rubbing the eyes.

has a bad effect on the cornea

Everyone knows that eyes are the most delicate part of our body. According to experts, continuous rubbing of the eyes can cause scratches on the cornea, which can also lead to loss of eyesight and many other problems.


There are many types of germs on our hands, and when we repeatedly rub our eyes with dirty hands, it can also lead to eye infections like conjunctivitis or pink eye. When there is an infection, it starts feeling more itchy. Doctors say that conjunctivitis is usually caused by bacteria and viruses present on the fingers. Due to this the eye becomes swollen and red. Let us tell you that conjunctivitis is very contagious, if you are infected with it, then the risk of getting this infection also increases with whom you come in contact with.


Please tell that when we rub our eyes more then it can also cause allergies. Blepharitis causes swelling of the eyelids because the oil glands are clogged. This is very painful.

dark circle

There are many reasons for dark circles, one of them is frequent rubbing of the eyes. Actually, when we rub our eyes again and again, it increases the chances of getting dark circles.

red eyes

Excessive rubbing of the eyes can break the capillaries. Due to which the eyes can get injured. This can make your eyes red.

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