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Keep these things in mind while buying wet wipes for a newborn baby

Baby Care: For some time now, Wet Wipes have become very popular for cleaning newborn babies. Mothers find that cleaning babies with these wet wipes cleans them better. For this reason, nowadays mothers are using wet wipes a lot to clean their newborn baby. But she doesn’t know that not all wet wipes available in the market are safe for your baby. Actually wet wipes contain soap and chemicals which are not good for your baby’s skin. If you too are going to buy wet wipes for your newborn baby, then keep these things in mind.

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take cotton wipes

Whenever you are going to buy wet wipes for your newborn baby, keep in mind that they are 100% cotton. Actually, the skin of children is very delicate, in such a situation, if chemical-rich wipes are used on their body, then the skin problem can bother your child. Let us tell you that cotton wet wipes are best for your baby’s delicate skin. By using these, there is no rash on the baby’s skin and there is no burning sensation either.

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Wipes are free of alcohol, parabens and bisphenol

Whenever you are going to buy wipes for your baby, keep in mind that the wipes are alcohol, parabens and bisphenol free. If you are careless while taking baby wipes then it can be harmful for your baby.

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use cotton cloth

Well mothers should know that cotton cloths are best for cleaning their baby’s skin. If cotton cloth is soaked in plain water and the residue is cleaned, then the risk of any kind of allergy is reduced.

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