Aukus Deal: Australia will buy these deadly submarines to deal with China’s bullying in the Indo-Pacific region, know…

australia will buy deadly submarines

Auku’s deal: Australia will buy 5 nuclear submarines from America to deal with China’s growing arrogance. According to Australian Navy officials, these submarines equipped with nuclear capability will join the Australian Navy by the year 2032. These submarines are being bought under the OCUS deal.

American technology will be used

According to Reuters report, the deal was finalized in September 2021. According to the agreement, a submarine will go to the port of Australia in the coming time. By 2032, the new class of submarines will be built on the basis of British design and American technology. Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who is on a three-day visit to India, will meet Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Monday in California, USA.

America will deploy submarine in Western Australia

The purpose of this deal was to curb the increasing assertiveness of China in the Indian Pacific region. China is seeing this deal as a conspiracy to surround itself. US Navy officials said on the condition of anonymity that by the year 2030, the US will deploy some of its submarines in Western Australia. After this, by 2032, Australia will buy 3 Virginia class submarines.

Australia is betting on nuclear submarines that can stay hidden under the sea for a very long time to deal with the challenges of China in the Indo-Pacific region. It is not easy to catch these submarines. Let us tell you that Australia currently has 6 conventional Collins class submarines. Although there is still doubt on where these submarines will be made.

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