Security beefed up at Seema Haider’s house in Greater Noida after attack on temples in Pakistan, ATS alert

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Seema Haider: Security has been beefed up at Seema Haider’s house in Greater Noida’s Rabupura after two temples were attacked in Pakistan in a span of 24 hours. Along with this, the road leading to Seema Haidar and Sachin’s house has also been barricaded. Those coming to meet the family have been stopped.

A report says that considering the seriousness of the matter, the ATS has been alerted. After the news of Pakistan came in the media on Sunday, the police was informed about the sudden increase in the crowd in some houses of Rabupura, after which the force has been deployed in a hurry.

Temple demolished in Karachi on Friday

According to information, a 150-year-old temple in Karachi, Pakistan, was demolished overnight on Friday. The Hindu family living near the temple had told the Pakistani media that when they woke up on Saturday morning, the temple was found in ruins. While the outer wall of the temple was perfect. Alleged that the local police had helped those who demolished the temple.

Rocket launcher fired at temple in Kashmore on Sunday

After this, on Sunday, a temple in Kashmore area of ​​Pakistan was attacked by Pakistani dacoits with rocket launchers, although the rocket launchers did not explode. In a Dawn report, it has been confirmed by a police officer that firing has taken place at the temple and the houses of Hindus living nearby. Police claim that the attackers were 8 to 9 people. There has been no loss of life in the incident.

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Pakistani dacoit had threatened

A report has claimed that Rano Shar, a Pakistani dacoit from Kashmore area, had announced that India should return the border to Gulan Haider, otherwise he would attack temples and Hindus in Pakistan. It has been claimed that the rocket launchers fired at the temple in Kashmore on Sunday were the result of the same threat.

So much force deployed at Seema’s house

Police and intelligence agencies have become active after the news of attacks in the temples of Pakistan in the Indian media. A report said that security has been beefed up at Seema Haider and Sachin’s house in Rabupura. A sub-inspector and a woman have been posted at the house. However, the police have not yet confirmed why the security of Seema’s house has been increased suddenly.

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