UP police leaves for Sabarmati with Atiq, what happened with the mafia outside the court after getting the sentence? learn

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Atiq Ahmad Gujarat Sabarmati Jail: Mafia Atiq Ahmed has been sentenced to life imprisonment by Prayagraj’s MP/MLA court in the 17-year-old Umesh Pal kidnapping case. The UP police has left Prayagraj at 8.30 pm on Tuesday evening to shift Mafia Atiq to Sabarmati Jail. He was shifted to Sabarmati Central Jail in June 2019 on the orders of the Supreme Court.

Atiq Ahmed, 62, will be taken to Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and then Gujarat via Chitrakoot. At present, the beats of the mafia have increased. His blood pressure had increased before leaving Prayagraj. He was sweating. The police have fed him medicine on the advice of doctors. When Atiq’s health got better, the police left with him amid tight arrangements.

Ateeq sat in the van outside the jail for 5 hours

After being sentenced by the court, Atiq Ahmed was again taken to Naini Jail, but Senior Jail Superintendent Shashikant Singh refused to receive him. He told the UP police that he had not received any order to keep Atiq in jail again. In such a situation, Atiq sat in the van of the prisoners parked outside the jail for about 5 hours.

UP police had decided the journey in 24 hours

UP STF and Prayagraj police had reached Gujarat’s Sabarmati Jail on Sunday, March 26. After talks and paperwork with the Gujarat Police and Central Jail Administration here, the UP STF and the police took Atiq into their custody. After this, after making Atiq sit in the van at about quarter to six in the evening, the convoy left for Prayagraj.

The convoy stopped at these places

After leaving Sabarmati Jail in Gujarat, the UP STF convoy first stopped at Rishabhdev at 9:05 pm. After this, the convoy made its stop at Udaipur at 10:30 pm. After leaving here, the convoy stopped at Chittorgarh at one o’clock in the night, Bhilwara at 2:10 o’clock in the night and then near Kota at 3:26 o’clock in the early hours of Monday i.e. (Sunday-Monday night).

After leaving here, the UP STF convoy stopped at Shivpuri Ramnagar in Madhya Pradesh, where Atiq Ahmed interacted with the media. After walking from here, the convoy reached Jhansi Police Line. Here the entire team of STF and police rested for about two hours. After this, the convoy that left from here stopped directly at Naini Jail.

Conviction in 17 years old case

Atiq Ahmed entered the world of crime in the year 1979 after committing a murder. Now he has more than 100 criminal cases registered against him. The latest case is of the Umesh Pal murder case on 24 February. In the year 2005, Umesh Pal, the main witness in the murder of BSP MLA Raju Pal, was murdered.

Ateeq Ahmed was allegedly involved in the 2005 murder of Raju Pal. Atiq and his associates allegedly abducted Umesh Pal in 2006. He was forced to give a statement in his favor in the court. Umesh Pal, the main witness of the murder of former BSP MLA Raju Pal, lodged a police complaint in this regard, since then the matter was going on in the court.

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