Ashwin can become number-1 Test bowler by leaving James Anderson, know the whole equation

ashwin can become number one test bowler by leaving james anderson

James Anderson: England fast bowler James Anderson has become the number one Test bowler in the latest ICC Test rankings. While Team India’s star spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is in second place. The special thing is that Ashwin has every chance to leave behind Anderson, although it is not that easy. But some equations are being created, due to which Ashwin can do this. About which we tell you.

Only 2 points gap between Anderson-Ashwin

In the latest ICC rankings, England fast bowler James Anderson is in first place with 866 points, while Team India’s R Ashwin is in second place with 864 points, that is, there is a gap of just 2 points between the two players in the number one position. Is. The special thing is that in the ICC rankings released on February 15, James Anderson was in third place with 835 points, while Ashwin was in second place with 846 points. While Pat Cummins was at the first position with 867 points. But in the rankings released on February 22, this gap has reduced to only 2 points.

Anderson got number-1 position

The performances of James Anderson and Ravi Ashwin have been impressive in the last Test matches. But Anderson went a bit ahead of Ashwin. In the Test played between England and New Zealand, Anderson bowled brilliantly, taking 7 wickets in both innings, while he spent only 54 runs. In such a situation, he got the benefit of this performance.

While R Ashwin took 6 wickets in the second Test against Australia, while he spent 116 runs, in this case, Anderson was heavily involved, which gave him more points and reached the number one position. But the gap between the two players is just 2 points.

This is why Ashwin is getting a chance

Actually, at this time the Test series is going on between England and New Zealand, while the Test series is going on between India and Australia. In the two-Test series, one match has been played between England and New Zealand, while the second match will be played from 23 to 28 February. In which Anderson will participate. But there have been two matches between India and Australia, while two matches are to be held. The third match between the two teams will be played in Indore from March 1 to March 5. Accordingly, Ashwin will have a chance to play one match more than Anderson. In such a situation, if Ashwin performs brilliantly, then he can reach the number one position. There are possibilities for this.

How is ICC ranking done?

Explain that such a parameter has been prepared in cricket, according to which the ranking of the players is measured, this parameter decided by the International Cricket Council is known as ICC Rankings. The ICC Player Rankings assigns ranks using a points-based system, in which players are rated on a scale of 0 to 1000 points, with points going up if a player’s performance outperforms their previous performance, and If there is a decline, then his marks are reduced.

The ICC Player Rankings are calculated based on the player’s performance during various situations in a match, based on a predetermined algorithm, which also takes into account whether a player has played In which situation of the match, how many runs were scored or how many wickets were taken, if the player has made a good contribution to the team when his team is in great trouble, then the value of his performance is considered high, while the match is played according to the situation. So he gets normal marks.

There is absolutely no human intervention in this calculation process, it is an automatic process. That is, the player who performs as he gets the same benefit.

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