Exclusive: Will Rahul Gandhi go to jail….? Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot gave a candid answer

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Ashok Gehlot Exclusive: Be it power or opposition, at this time Rahul Gandhi is in everyone’s politics. The Congress alleges that the central government is killing democracy. The Prime Minister is scared of Rahul Gandhi’s questions regarding the Adani group. Whereas, BJP is saying that Rahul Gandhi was punished in the court process. If he was punished, he had to lose his membership of the Lok Sabha. If you have objection then appeal in higher court.

On this whole political allegation and political struggle in the country NEWS 24 in the show’s biggest question Sandeep Chowdhary CM of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot Exclusively spoke to Read question and answer…

You are a magician of politics, these days black magic has entered. Who is doing black magic?

Gehlot: Will talk about black magic again. There is a conspiracy going on against Rahul Gandhi. He was not allowed to speak in the Parliament. The visit of Rahul Gandhi was on four issues. The gap between poverty, inflation, non-violence and rich poverty should end. These people were scared of him.

Are you questioning the court action? Did this happen at the behest of the government?

Gehlot: In Karnataka, Rahul Gandhi mentioned the Modi surname. PM Modi’s name also came in it. Rahul wanted to say that Nirav Modi ran away, he was not afraid because PM is also Modi. Let me tell you that when leaders speak, they use language in many ways to make them understand the public. If Advani-Atal had also given statements, would there not have been a case of defamation? This is a conspiracy.

It’s been 8 days, your army of lawyers could not translate?

Gehlot: This work will be decided by the legal team. I believe that the way Rahul Gandhi said that either keep it in Parliament or throw it out. I don’t mind. Rahul said that I will keep asking questions on the 20 thousand crore, Modi-Adani relationship.

BJP says ask Ashok Gehlot what is your relationship with Adani group?

Gehlot: See, Rahul Gandhi has already answered this. Adani group had invested 60 thousand crore rupees in the invest meet. When there is investment, does the state government refuse? If Adani Ambani or Jai Shah come to our state, we will welcome everyone.

Then why the contradiction? Why is it alleged that wherever Modi goes, Adani gets a plant from there?

Gehlot: So far the Adani group has been accused. After Adani suffered a setback, our investments here have stopped. within this environment. If investment comes, employment will increase. The BJP government had made an agreement to get coal, so should I stop taking coal.

Will the truth come out? Will truth come out without JPC?

Gehlot: Rahul Gandhi is also saying the same, the truth should come out. They are making allegations. The decision has to be taken by the court or the inquiry committee. If we have given a separate benefit to the Adani group, then an inquiry should be conducted. Should also be sent to jail. Then whether he is the Chief Minister of Rajasthan or the CM of Chhattisgarh.

Can’t you cancel the MOU?

Gehlot: Do anything to get this popularity. What approach does Adani ji himself. They are shocked. Let the truth come out, it will be known that Adani himself withdraws, what the government thinks, then the decision will be taken.

Will JPC’s demand be accepted?

Gehlot: Does Modiji listen to anyone’s advice? He should be believed. What are they worried about? The country would see that it is a democracy, while discussing the Adani Group in the Parliament. Why aren’t they so scared? Doubts arise on these very things.

Similar questions were raised regarding the Rafale deal? But did the public go on the side Modi put on Rafale?

Gehlot: That election was lost to Balakot. The world knows this. I think there should be a change in the way the PM approaches. This approach is not good that do not accept the demand of JPC, do not let Rahul speak. Is there democracy in the country?

Is the opposition mobilizing due to anxiety?

Gehlot: This is a good sign. It is good in the interest of the country. Be it Congress or any other party, it runs according to the people of the country. Earlier also the opposition has united. The opposition had also formed a front against the Congress. Modiji gives a statement that the opposition has become a gang of corrupt people. Does this language suit the PM? So are all milk washed in BJP.

Who is corrupt? Who has more ability to explain this?

Gehlot: Rahul Gandhi has pain in his heart for the country and countrymen, for the poor and downtrodden. of which I am convinced. What is in his heart on corruption? I know this too. Why doesn’t Modiji know about his personal enmity with this family? The family which gave Anand Bhawan for the country. Whose grandmother and father have been martyred, you conspire to keep their son out of the Parliament. You give notice to vacate the bungalow within two days. Many leaders are sitting inside Delhi. Modi and Amit Shah have such big positions, they should not have this kind of thinking.

Is Rahul Gandhi ready to go to jail?

Gehlot: Rahul is not afraid of going to jail. They are not afraid of anyone. He is a true human being. Gandhiji had said that Truth is God, God is Truth, Rahul Gandhi is following Gandhi’s ideals.

Is it Congress’s strategy that Rahul should go to jail and then appeal?

Gehlot: I will not say anything about what is being rumored in the public. The legal team is looking into the matter. 30 days have been given for bail. What a hurry that the expulsion was done without any formality. Immediate decisions were made.

Opposition seems to be getting mobilized due to Rahul Gandhi, will Rahul lead?

Gehlot: This is what you are asking me, there is no discussion on this. This family has not held any position for the last 32 years. Neither PM nor Chief Minister. They are doing service. He has credibility among people of all castes and religions. They take decisions impartially. What will happen next, this is not the right time. Sonia Gandhi got a chance to become PM, but Manmohan Singh was made. Rahul Gandhi was talked to several times but he refused. BJP tried to tarnish the image of Rahul Gandhi, but did not succeed.

Wait for a while, slowly such a situation develops. Jyoti Basu was in the race to become the Prime Minister, but he refused. Wait for the time, the results will be good.

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