‘Will help the child more than hanging in the frame…’, the star goalkeeper donated the most important thing for Rs 36 lakh

Emiliano Martinez

New Delhi: Sports teaches us a lot about life. Amidst the rivalry of the game, sacrifice, dedication and compassion for others become the hallmark of being a better player. Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Dibu Martinez has shown something similar.

Gloves were worn during the penalty shootout

The gloves Emiliano wore in the penalty shootout with France in last year’s World Cup final in Qatar have been auctioned for $45,000 (about Rs 36 lakh) in aid of a children’s cancer hospital. The Argentine Pediatric Foundation made the announcement on Instagram, referring to the oncology ward of Garrahan Hospital, Argentina’s main pediatric hospital.

i didn’t hesitate

The auction was conducted online on Friday. Martinez joined via video-link from his home in England. “When they gave me the option of donning the World Cup gloves, I didn’t hesitate, it’s a good cause for the boys,” the goalkeeper said during the event.

Will help a child more than hanging in a frame in my house

Martinez signed the inside of the glove when announcing the donation in February. Obviously these gloves were his big earning, but he donated it and said a heart-warming thing. He said, “World Cup final is not played every day. Gloves are special, but these will help a child more than hanging them in frames in my house. Argentina won 4–2 in the final.

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