‘…then we will end reservation for Muslims’, Home Minister Amit Shah’s big announcement in Telangana

Amit Shah 11

Amit Shah Telangana Visit: Assembly elections are to be held in Telangana in November-December next year, but the BJP has blown its election bugle. Union Home Minister Amit Shah reached Telangana on Sunday. Addressing the Vijay Sankalp rally in Chevalla, he said that if the BJP government is formed in Telangana, SC/ST/OBCs will be given back their rights by abolishing the unconstitutional Muslim reservation.

Amit Shah said that this huge rally is a proof that the BJP government is going to be formed with a huge majority in the coming assembly elections. The countdown of KCR’s corrupt rule that has been going on for 8-9 years has now begun. Today the whole world is watching this public outrage against BRS and KCR.

Circle on the issue of captive Sanjay

Amit Shah said that BJP Telangana President Bandi Sanjay raised his voice for the rights of the youth against the paper leak happening here, then KCR put him in jail. Listen KCR ji, not even a single BJP worker is afraid of you, our fight will continue till you are removed from the throne.

raised the issue of corruption

Raising the issue of corruption, Amit Shah said that whatever schemes Modi ji sends from the center for the welfare of the poor, the government here does not allow them to reach the poor. No matter how much KCR ji does, now he cannot wean away the poor of Telangana from Modi ji’s schemes. The BJP government is going to be formed with a huge majority in the coming elections.

One who cannot get the exam done has no right to power.

Amit Shah said that injustice is being done to the youth in Telangana. Papers are leaking here, the future of lakhs of youths has been ruined by the KCR government. The one who cannot conduct even an examination properly has no right to be in power. KCR has made Telangana an ATM for his family. They follow Owaisi’s agenda and don’t celebrate Telangana Independence Day. He said that after the formation of the BJP government, Telangana would celebrate Independence Day in such a way that the whole world could see it.

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