Amit Shah Karnataka Visit: Union Home Minister’s taunt on Congress, said – they are such losers that they are not visible even through binoculars

Amit Shah Karnataka Visit

Amit Shah Karnataka Visit: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has taunted the Congress after the assembly election results of North East. Amit Shah, who reached Karnataka on Friday, addressed a public meeting. He said that you know what has happened in the North East. The Congress has been defeated there to such an extent that nothing can be detected even through binoculars.

Amit Shah said that on Thursday itself, thousands of kilometers away from Karnataka, in the North East (Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya), the Congress party has been cleared. Congress got 0 seats in Nagaland, 3 seats in Meghalaya and only 4 seats in Tripura.

Shah said – PM Modi’s magic from Northeast to Gujarat

Amit Shah said that it was said that the BJP cannot enter the Northeast, where the NDA and BJP government is being formed for the second time. Modi ji’s magic speaks from Northeast to Gujarat, from Uttar Pradesh to Karnataka.

Amit Shah said that the Vijay Sankalp Rath Yatra is going to start soon in Karnataka. He said that this is not a symbol of the BJP’s resolve to win, but the Bharatiya Janata Party’s resolve for the victory of the poor people and for the welfare of the poor people.

Amit Shah targets Congress and AAP

The Union Home Minister said that the level of the Congress party under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi is going down day by day. They are raising slogans ‘Modi teri kabr khudegi’, Aam Aadmi Party people are saying ‘Modi you die’. Amit Shah said that God will not listen to you by saying this, because 130 crore people of the country are praying for Modi ji’s long life.

Amit Shah said that both JDS and Congress are dynastic parties, they can never do welfare of Karnataka. He said that Siddaramaiah did nothing except become an ATM for a ‘family’ living in Delhi. I urge you all to never give any chance to such people and never put yourself at risk.

Amit Shah said – JDS and Congress both are ‘family parties’

Amit Shah said that both JDS and Congress are ‘family parties’. They can never think of the welfare of the people. Their inclination is only towards fulfilling their selfish objectives. The Union Home Minister also said that Indira Gandhi humiliated Nijling Gappa. Rajiv Gandhi insulted the strong leader Virendra Patil ji at the airport. How will the Congress, which insults party leaders, respect Karnataka?

He said that the PFI ban was a good decision by the Modi government. And our double engine government has been working at double speed. On the other hand, Congress and JDS have never ensured development in Karnataka.

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