American Airlines plane caught fire in the air, emergency landing made in Ohio


New Delhi: A bird collided with an American Airlines flight. After this the engine of the plane caught fire. The plane had to make an emergency landing. The plane was landed in Ohio. The incident took place when a bird hit the plane and the engine caught fire. However, there is no news of any casualty. Its video has now surfaced. Fire and black smoke are visible in it.

The Federal Aviation Administration said that the plane collided with a bird flight as soon as it took off. This caused the engine to catch fire. No passenger or crew member was injured during this. The Federal Aviation Administration said that no one was reported injured in the incident. At present the investigation of the incident is going on.

A user has shared the video of the incident. He wrote that shortly after take off AA1958 noticed some engine problems. Flames were coming out of the engine.

A passenger said that we all panicked as soon as we got the news of the fire. But after the emergency landing, we were safely evacuated. After waiting for some time, all the passengers were put on the second flight.

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