America Shooting: Firing in Gurudwara in Sacramento, America, two people in critical condition due to bullet injuries

America Shooting

America Shooting: There are reports of firing at a gurdwara in Sacramento, US. It is being told that two people have been injured in the firing incident, whose condition is said to be serious. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said two people were shot at a gurudwara in Sacramento County, California, on Sunday.

The sheriff’s office said both victims are in serious condition. Amar Gandhi, a spokesman for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, said the shooting is not related to a hate crime and that the incident is being treated as a shootout between two people who are known to each other.

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Gandhi said that preliminary investigation has revealed that three people had a fight with each other which later turned into firing. Meanwhile, two people got shot in the firing. He said that the incident is being investigated. Let us tell you that in the last few months, many incidents of firing have come to light in different parts of America.

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There was a shooting in Colorado last week

Let us tell you that at least two people were hospitalized in the shooting at East High School in Denver, the capital of Colorado last week. After the incident, the Denver Police spoke on Twitter about the investigation.

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