Russia Ukraine War: US claims – 20 thousand Russian soldiers killed in 5 months, 80 thousand injured

Russia Ukraine War 2

Russia Ukraine War: America has made a big claim regarding the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The White House has said that Russia has suffered huge losses in the last five months. It has been claimed that in five months, 20,000 Russian soldiers were killed while 80,000 were injured.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby made this claim on Sunday. He said that the Ukrainians are not giving the casualty figures of their soldiers because they are the victims and not the aggressors. However, in November last year a report was released which said that Ukrainian casualties were around 1 lakh.

Kirby also said that Russia’s attempt to occupy the Donbas region had failed. Apart from this, Russia has failed to occupy any other area strategically. Kirby said that most of the casualties in the past five months were people who worked for the Russian private company Wagner.

Kirby dismisses Wagner leader’s claims

Kirby also rejected claims by Wagner’s leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, that only 94 members of his group had been casualties.

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