Amarjeet’s voice won Sonu’s heart

Amarjeet Jaykar viral video

Amarjeet Jaykar video: Don’t know how many new videos keep appearing on social media everyday. Some videos lag behind in the race to become viral, but there are some videos which are excellent.

Along with this, these videos are also very viral. Recently, a video is going viral on social media, seeing which it has also become a topic of discussion among the people.

video going viral

Please tell that the video going viral on social media is of a boy. People have gone crazy after listening to the melodious voice of the boy in this video.

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‘Dil De Diya Hai’ song

Let us tell you that this viral video is of a boy from Bihar, in which the boy is seen singing the song ‘Dil De Diya Hai’. Along with this, the boy is also showing things around him in the video.

Also, people are liking the melodious voice of the boy. And people are engaged in praising him a lot.

Amarjeet Jaykar made everyone crazy with his voice

The name of this boy who is making everyone crazy with his voice is Amarjeet Jaykar. Amarjeet Jaykar is basically a resident of Bihar. Also, seeing this video of Amarjeet, he has been praised from actor Sonu Sood to actress Neetu Chandra Srivastava.

Actor Sonu Sood wrote- “Ek Bihari, Sau Pe Bhari.”

Please tell that after seeing this viral video of Amarjeet, actor Sonu Sood has written that “Ek Bihari, Sau Pe Bhari”. Along with this, on February 21, actress Neetu Chandra Srivastava also tweeted while sharing the video and wrote that who is this boy? Fabulous. Please share its number with me. Along with this, filmmaker Vinod Kapri also commented – This child of Bihar is viral.

they commented

Along with this, IAS Avinish Sharan also commented that talent is everywhere, wonderful. Journalist Sameer Abbas writes that “This boy from Bihar has won hearts with his tunes, what a melodious voice. Anchor Chitra Tripathi writes, “Sung very cute, tell me the details, where is the boy?”

Along with this, a user named @SonuNigamSingh wrote that there will be thousands of singers in Mumbai who use auto-tune, but the one who captivates the heart with his original voice is the real singer. Brother’s name is Amarjeet Jaykar and he is originally from Bihar. Such talent should be respected.

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