Air India Flight: The plane flew to Kuwait three hours before time in Vijayawada, 17 passengers kept waiting

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Air India Flight: A shocking case has come to light from Tiruchirappalli (Trichy). Air India Express flight from here to Kuwait took off three hours before the time given on the ticket on Wednesday. Due to this, 17 passengers were stranded at Vijayawada International Airport. The passengers were informed at the airport at 11 am that the flight had left at 9.55 am itself.

The time given in the ticket was 1.10 pm

According to the information, tickets were booked two days ago on behalf of these passengers. As per the time given on the ticket, the departure time of flight IX-695 was recorded at 1.10 pm. After the flight was missed, passengers complained that they had no prior information about the change in flight timings. He was asked to report at 11 am, but the flight left before that.

Airlines personnel said – we had informed the websites

Passengers lost their senses after the incident. When passengers contacted airline staff at the airport, they were told that the websites through which they had booked their tickets had been informed about the change in flight timings. Desperate for missing the flight, the passengers said that they had booked tickets two days in advance. After this, how can you check the websites again and again for the time.

The plane flew at 9.55 am

It is reported that only those passengers boarded the aircraft, who had booked after rescheduling. The flight reached Vijayawada from Trichy at 9 am and left for Kuwait at 9.55 am. While earlier it was announced that the flight would reach Vijayawada from Trichy at 12.15 pm and take off for Kuwait at 1.10 pm.

Airlines gave other options to passengers

Airport officials said the airline had rescheduled the flight due to some issues, which is not unusual in international operations. He also claimed that the airline has provided a choice to some passengers.

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