Adipurush Dialogues Controversy: Uturn of the makers of ‘Adipurush’, said – will improve the controversial dialogues


Adipurush Dialogues Controversy: A big statement of the makers has come to the fore regarding the controversial dialogues of director Om Raut’s film ‘Adipurush’. The makers of ‘Adipurush’ have decided to re-think the dialogues of the film, which will be added to the film this week.

Viewers are constantly raising questions on the VFX and dialogues of Adipurush film. Viewers have raised questions on the makers and writers regarding dialogues like ‘Marega Beta’, ‘Bua Ka Bagicha Hai Kya’ and ‘Jalegi Tere Baap Ki’ in the film. Now in view of the criticism the film is receiving due to the controversial dialogues, the makers of the film have decided to revise it.

This statement was issued by the team of the film

Adipurush is receiving a tremendous response worldwide and is winning hearts of audiences of all age groups, said a statement issued by the film’s team. After some controversies, the team has decided to make changes in the dialogues of the film, giving importance to the input of the public and the audience. The makers are re-thinking the dialogues.

Manoj Muntashir said this about the dialogue of the film

Manoj Muntashir Shukla, who is responsible for the dialogues of the film, has written a long note on Twitter. He wrote that the first lesson one can learn from Ramkatha is to respect every emotion. Right or wrong, time changes, feeling remains.

Manoj Muntashir wrote that I wrote dialogues of more than 4000 lines in Adipurush, some sentiments were hurt on 5 lines. In those hundreds of lines, where Shri Ram was praised, Mother Sita’s chastity was described, praise was also to be received for her, which is not known why it was not received?

He wrote that I may have written something different from your imagination for 3 minutes in a 3-hour film, but I could not know why you were in such a hurry to write Sanatan-Drohi on my forehead. Have you not heard the song ‘Jai Shri Ram’, ‘Shivoham’, ‘Ram Siya Ram’? These praises of Sanatan in Adipurush are also born from my pen.

He further wrote that why this post? Because nothing is more important to me than your feelings. I can give countless arguments in favor of my dialogues, but it will not ease your pain. Me and the producer-director of the film have decided that some of the dialogues which are hurting you, we will revise them, and this week they will be included in the film.

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