Adhinam Mahant handed over Sengol to PM Modi before the inauguration of the new Parliament House.

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New Delhi: Before the inauguration of the new Parliament House, Adhinam Mahant has handed over Sengol to PM Modi. Many Adhinam Mahants who reached Delhi from Chennai today handed over Sengol to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Adhinam entrusted this cultural heritage of transfer of power with Vedic chanting. The Mahants of Adhinam met PM Modi at his residence this evening. According to sources, Sengol will be installed tomorrow morning between 8:30 am and 9:00 am in the new Parliament House.

Sengol will be installed in the new Parliament House

Before the inauguration of the new Parliament House, Adhanam Mahant reached PM Modi’s residence. During this Sengol was handed over to the PM. The Scepter (Sengol) will also be installed near the Speaker’s seat in the new Parliament House.

Sengol is a golden symbol that was handed over to former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on the eve of India’s independence. According to the Centre, Sengol was lying in a museum in Allahabad. Let us inform that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new Parliament House on 28 May. The new Parliament House will be inaugurated with Vedic rituals.

What is sengol?

In ancient India, kings carried a symbolic stick with them. This is called the scepter. Whoever had this, the actual governance of the entire state was run by his orders. That is why it was called the scepter. Religious gurus also used to wear it. At present also it is worn by most of the religious leaders. The four major Shankaracharyas of Hinduism and the major Popes of Christianity also carry a similar scepter which is a symbol of their power and authority. According to Indian scriptures, it was worn by kings and emperors while sitting on the throne.

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