Adenovirus: CM Mamta broke silence on the outcry in Bengal, said- ‘Not 12 but only 2 children died due to adenovirus’

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Adenovirus: There is panic over adenovirus in West Bengal. The opposition is constantly attacking the Mamta government. On Thursday, CM Mamta Banerjee broke her silence on this issue. He claimed in the press conference at the state secretariat that not 12 but two children have died due to this disease in the state.

He said that there are 2 adenovirus cases in the state. Pulmonary hemorrhage syndrome in 10 cases. There is nothing to fear as we have arranged 5000 beds. Children cannot wear masks so keep them at home. Take special care of children up to 2 years.

CM issued helpline

The Chief Minister also released a government helpline number 1800313444222 for emergencies. He said that all information related to virus infection can be obtained by calling this number.

“Some people are spreading misrepresentation

Mamta Banerjee also said that the death of any child in the state is a matter of sorrow for us. Virus infection occurs in children every year when the weather changes. Children who are underweight are more likely to get viral diseases. People are scared, taking advantage of the opportunity some people are trying to increase business by doing bad propaganda. All states have such problems.

He also said that there is nothing to panic. The state government has kept 5,000 beds and 600 paediatricians ready in hospitals.

I am sorry for the death of each child

CM said that I thought that I will close the primary schools. I would have been very happy if I could have saved these 12 children. On adenovirus, Mamta said, it is not a serious matter. But nothing should happen to even a single child. Mothers need to be more careful.

Amar Dev Paswan reports from Kolkata.

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