‘Adani is only on the front, all the money is with Modiji’, Kejriwal told the story of the BJP MLA in the assembly

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Adani Row: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday lashed out at the central government regarding the Adani Group in the Assembly. He narrated an anecdote referring to a BJP MLA.

Arvind Kejriwal said that the BJP MLA told him that Adani is only a front, all the money is from Modiji. Adani only manages Modiji’s money. He gets 10-20 per cent commission. If JPC, ED, CBI probe is done tomorrow, then Adani will not sink, Modiji will sink.

Property increased to 11.5 lakhs in 7 years

Kejriwal said that in 2014 Adaniji’s, that is, Modi’s property was worth 50 thousand crores, after 7 years his property became 11.5 lakh. Where will Modi ji go with so much money? How much did Modiji loot the country?

He said that in 2014, Adani was at number 609 in the list of the world’s richest people. Now there is another registered person. Want to become the richest. But nature is nature. Nature is very powerful. Who knew that one day the Hindenburg report would come and within 24 hours the whole thing would be destroyed.

BJP government looted more than Congress

Kejriwal said that in 67 years from 1947 to 2014, the Government of India had taken a loan of Rs 55 lakh crore. But in seven years between 2014 and 2022, took a loan of 85 lakh crores. Where did this money go? All this money went into Modi’s pocket.

He said that people, you pay GST. That money goes to Adaniji’s account and then goes to Modiji’s account. Modi ji is looting with both hands. What Congress did not loot in 75 years, they looted in 7 years.

Less educated Modiji, Adani gives him brain

Kejriwal again called PM Modi less educated. He said that Modiji is less educated. Adani comes and tells them that when they go to this country, they buy the company. Modi ji’s mind is Modi ji’s money. I am more worried about the fact that the PM is less educated.

Wherever they go or when a leader comes from abroad, they hug and take photographs. Then it is said to give the contract to Adani. One more thing, praise Modiji. Modi is the popular leader of the world? What does this mean? The British are very clever. They don’t know what they get them to sign and take away. Before independence, the British used to come like this, our King Maharaja was less educated. Made them sign and made them slaves for 100 years.

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