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Sonu Sood Special Thali Pics: Actor Sonu Sood once again in headlines, this time this ‘King Size’ plate became the reason

Sonu Sood Special Thali Pics: Bollywood star actor Sonu Sood is always seen helping others. Also, the actor does not need any introduction.

Sonu always holds a special place in the hearts of his fans for his generosity. Not only Sonu’s films, but his fans also love him off-screen and that’s why he is often in headlines.

India’s biggest dinner plate

Sonu’s photos keep going viral on social media, but now again Sonu’s photos have come to the fore, from which it is known that this is India’s biggest food plate and it is also named after Sonu Sood. Has gone. That’s why now Sonu has once again come in the limelight.

honored in different ways

Sonu helped the needy during the terrible times of the Corona epidemic and hence he is often a part of the limelight. Along with this, everyone praises his work and that is why he has been honored many times in different ways.

Photos shared on official Instagram

Meanwhile, now again a huge food plate has been made to honor Sonu, which the actor himself has shared on his official Instagram handle.

The actor wrote this caption

It can be clearly seen in these pictures that Sonu Sood is posing near a huge plate full of Biryani and while sharing these pictures, the actor has written in the caption that- Name of India’s biggest food plate Now my name has been kept on Sonu Sood. A vegetarian person who eats very little food, how can he have a plate of food for 20 people.

Jismat Gelmandi honored

Please tell that this honor has been given by Jismat Gelmandi by making India’s biggest food plate in the name of Sonu Sood. The actor has shared its photos and now people are giving a lot of love to these photos. People also call Sonu by the name of Real Hero and like him very much.


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