AAP Maha Rally: ‘Modi does not understand, how to run the country…’, after 12 years, Kejriwal roared again at Ramlila Maidan

AAP Maha Rally

AAP Maha Rally: The Aam Aadmi Party is holding a big rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan on Sunday against the central government’s ordinance. This includes Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann, Congress leader Kapil Sibal, Sanjay Singh etc.

Kejriwal said that 12 years ago today, we had gathered at this Ramlila Maidan against corruption. Today, from this platform, we have gathered on the platform to remove an arrogant dictator from the country. Today the movement is starting from this platform, that too will be completed. Kejriwal said that PM Modi does not understand how the country is run. Unemployment is widespread all around. They do not understand how to remove corruption. The railway fleet was destroyed. Traders are upset with GST.

Kejriwal said – We have 100-100 Sisodia-Jain

Arvind Kejriwal said that in 2015 Delhi gave all 7 seats to BJP, made Modi ji PM and said you handle the country and in Delhi 3 out of 70 seats were given to BJP, 67 seats were given to AAP and said Kejriwal ji you handle Delhi. The people of Delhi looked at the people of BJP with red eyes and said, ‘Take care of the country, be careful if you raise your eyes towards Delhi’.

Targeting the central government, Kejriwal said that they (PM) put Manish Sisodia in jail, put Satyendar Jain in jail. We don’t have one Manish Sisodia, we have 100 Manish Sisodias, we don’t have one Satyendar Jain, we have 100 Satyendar Jains. If you put one in jail, the other will come to work but development work will not stop in Delhi.

Ordinances will come for other states as well

The CM of Delhi said that I want to speak to the people of the whole country, do not think that this has happened only with the people of Delhi. I have come to know from inside that this is Modi ji’s first attack. Similar ordinance will be brought for other states. It has to stop now.

This double engine is not a double barrel government: Kapil Sibal

Kapil Sibal said that Modi campaigns in every state and says make our double engine government. But this is not a double engine, it is a double barrel government. One barrel is ED and the other barrel is CBI. They want bureaucrats to run Delhi and the Chief Minister should not have any authority. How funny is this?

Kapil Sibal said that in the coming days my aim will be to go to different places and tell people that the time has come, we need to unite and fight against PM Modi.

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