7th Pay Commission: Money will rain on government employees! Know how much salary will increase

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7th Pay Commission: Before Holi, there is good news for more than one crore central employees and pensioners of the country. Money is going to rain on these people before Holi. In fact, there can be a big increase in dearness allowance of Holi central employees and dearness relief of pensioners.

According to media reports, in the cabinet meeting to be held on March 1, 2023, the government may take a final decision on the increase in dearness allowance for central employees and dearness relief for pensioners. If this happens, before Holi, central employees can get a big gift of increase in dearness allowance. Not only this, if everything goes well, by March 31, employees can get increased salary and pensioners can also get increased pension. Along with this, the money of arrears for the months of January and February can also come in their account.

There is a possibility of 4 percent increase in DA.

AICPI figures for December 2022 have also come from the Ministry of Labour. From this, it seems that there can be an increase of up to 4 percent in DA and DR. However, the AICPI figures for December 2022 released by the Ministry of Labor have fallen as compared to November. The figures of AICPI had increased continuously from July to November. But the AICPI figures have seen a slight decline in December. The December figure has fallen to 132.3 points as compared to November. In October and November, this figure was at 132.5 points. There it was 131.3 in September, 130.2 in August and 129.9 in July. However, even after this, there is a possibility of 4 percent increase in dearness allowance.

Dearness allowance will increase from 38 percent to 42 percent

Dearness Allowance (DA) for January 2023 is usually announced before Holi. If the dearness allowance is increased by 4 percent, then the cost of central employees will increase from the current 38 percent to 42 percent. After a four per cent increase in DA in September 2022, now central employees are waiting for an increase in dearness allowance in the new year.

Dearness Allowance will be Rs 90,720

Significantly, the central employees are currently being paid DA at the rate of 38 per cent. If it increases by 4 percent, it will increase to 42 percent. After this, the annual dearness allowance will increase to Rs 90,720 for those with a basic salary of Rs 18,000. Talking about the difference from the existing dearness allowance, the salary will increase by Rs 720 per month and Rs 8640 annually.

More than one crore employees and pensioners will be benefited

Significantly, the increase in dearness allowance by the central government will benefit about 47 lakh employees and 68 lakh pensioners of the country. The government had increased DA by 3 per cent at the beginning of the year, after which the dearness allowance had gone up to 38 per cent. Then by increasing DA by 3 percent, the dearness allowance will increase to 41 percent.

Dearness allowance is revised twice a year.

Actually the dearness allowance of central government employees is revised twice a year. The first is given from January to June, while the second comes from July to December. Let us tell you that the AICPI index plays an important role in deciding the dearness allowance of central employees.

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