Time Management : Best Time Management Tips

Time Management

Time Management : Friends, we all watch many videos on Productivity, read articles and learn from people how to beat Procrastination and stay fully focused. But all those things sound very good to hear but it becomes almost impossible to apply all those Productivity Hacks Daily Practically.

Time Management
Time Management

In solving this problem, author Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky who have designed many Google products such as Gmail and YouTube. He has actually tried many Theories and Advices to utilize his time well and has prepared such a framework by using which one can learn to manage his time well daily and Jake Knapp to all these learnings. And John Zeratsky has shared a perfect time management framework for all of us in his book: “Make Time, How to focus on what matters everyday which we are going to share with you in this article.

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Time Management : Best Time Management Tips

Friends, in today’s article, we are going to give you complete information about Time Management: Best Time Management Tips, that is why definitely read this article till the end so that you too can manage your time well and complete about Time Management. get information.

1. Why is life so busy?

Before managing our time, we have to understand where our time is being spent. Why our life is always so busy.

Well! There are two main reasons for this.

  1. Busy Bandwagon
  2. Infinity Pools

Busy Bandwagon :

At Busy Bandwagon, we treat our Busy Schedule as a Badge of Honor. Staying Busy Feels Too Proud. We want to divide our productivity every 1 minute of the day. Where if we are not doing something productive then we feel guilty for wasting our time that’s why we like to be busy because we feel that if we are busy in our work then we are really productive. |

Infinity Pools :

Referring to the same Infinity Pools, the author says that today all the Apps and Websites where you get to see Infinite Number of content which is always all new. You keep on swiping, you will keep getting some new and entertaining thing which creates a kind of Infinity Pool for our brain. In which you get non-stop entertainment which has no limit and this thing is very much liked by your brain. Author It is also called Distraction Kryptonite.

Just like Kryptonite makes Superman Powerless, similarly these Apps and Websites also make us Powerless and take away all our energy from us, then notice that all your time goes out in these two where Busy Bandwagon is all our Endless Tasks that never end and Infinity Pools are our Endless Distractions, so you can’t finish even if you want to.

2. Willpower can’t save you Alone :

Many people depend on Willpower and External Motivation to solve almost all their time management problems.

Author says because this behavior of ours to keep ourselves busy, then get distracted, use Abs again and again and then feel guilty later, all this has become a part of Habitual Loops, from which to come out is dependent only on our willpower or Motivation. Staying is never going to work. Where the author says,

“If you fight with habits vs willpower, then habits gonna win.”

That’s why you have to fix in your mind that motivation or willpower cannot get you out of this loop. If you wake up one day by setting an alarm at 5:00 am, you will wake up the next day too, but on the third day all your motivation will be over and your willpower will also weaken and you will come back to your old habit, that’s why the author gave a Simple 4 Part Framework has been prepared where you can take control of your time by repeating these simple steps daily.

3. Step 1: Highlight

In this Busy and Distracted World where we are living mindlessly, in this world it seems that we are taking all these decisions but in reality our Habits and Behavior Patterns are taking actions for us. Think for yourself, how many such things do you do in every day that you actually plan.

For example:

Scrolling for hours on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, wasting your time do you plan all this, don’t you! That’s why the author says that we are living our Majority Life Un-Intentionally. To fix this, we have to do the opposite. We have to start living intentionally.

Where whatever you are doing, you are doing it by taking Conscious Decisions, not just doing it with your Habit. Which you will consider as the peak point of your day, it will be the work that you have decided after waking up in the morning that you have to do it today and before sleeping at night, you can sleep with the satisfaction that you do that work which will become the highlight of your day. |

Time Management : Best Time Management Tips
Time Management : Best Time Management Tips

Now anything can be done in Highlight, Finishing any work, Reading a Book, Going on Walk, Exercise, Work, Study Anything. You will do a lot of work during the day, but this will be that important task for which you have to take time out.

For example:

Whether you are making your Next Day Schedule or not. You decide that tomorrow you have to study for an hour and studying will be the main highlight of that day, then no matter how much time you waste in the rest of the day, that highlight will keep you motivated for the next day and gradually you will be new. You will keep adding highlights to your life and your life will change completely.

4. Step 2 : Laser

To make sure that you are able to focus on your daily highlighted task, for this you have to create an environment for yourself where you can do that work well without getting busy or distracted, that’s why the author says that you have to work 24 hours a day. : 00 Hours No need to stay focused.

You cannot change yourself in 1 day, that is why it is better to exhaust your mind by being busy in many tasks, that you choose only one of your highlights and keep 60 or 9 minutes aside for that task.

Now your goal is that you have to keep yourself focused for only these 60 to 9 minutes in the whole day, for which you delete all the distracting apps from your phone, it is not that you can delete these apps forever. You are, now you will not use them, it is not so easy to be free from these Habits, that’s why just delete it thinking that I am deleting it for a while. Which you will install back after doing your work.

With this, your brain will not resist, similarly, eliminate all the sources of your distractions, just for a few hours and complete your work with Laser Focus.

5. Step – 3 : Energize

In today’s time, we humans treat our body and mind differently. Where exercise and food are important only for our body, we have to use our mind to stay productive that is why we find many mental hacks. Strategies are made but it happens that our body is not able to connect with our mind.

For example:

You are feeling very motivated, you decide that from now on you will wake up early in the morning and go on walk, even after being so motivated, you sleep late night and expect by setting an alarm of 5:00 in the morning that you are magically 5 in the morning Will get up at :00. Where you want to get up, your mind is motivated but your body’s natural needs are not being met, your body does not have energy because you have not slept well.

Similarly, the author says that there are many such things that directly affect our productivity, but we do not connect it with our mind and keep it limited only to our body.

The author says that in today’s time, people do so much to stay productive, read new books, use techniques. Many Apps Try While The Best And Simple Way Is To Follow A Good Diet. Sleep on time, exercise, then you will never have any problem in staying productive, so fulfill the needs of your body because your body and mind are the same. If you are not able to take good care of your body, then no matter how many motivational videos you watch, you cannot change yourself.

6. Step – 4 : Reflect

It is very important to measure what change you are bringing in your life by using these three steps, otherwise whatever you are doing is absolutely pointless. If you do not reflect from it and do not see whether what you are learning and applying is working for you or not.

That’s why the author says before ending your day, once write about the highlights of that day, what you did today, which is most memorable for you. How successful were you in it, what tactics did you use in it, what did not work and what can you change in it and lastly rate your day’s focus and energy levels on a scale of one to 10.

Now we are telling you to do this, do that but we know that it becomes very difficult for you to do it in reality, that’s why the author says that you should take at least 1 minute to set your highlights every day. Will take

For example:

You woke up in the morning and you decided that today I will read a book for an hour and this is the highlight of my day. Next: To set it, you set a fix time and at that time eliminate all the distraction and use many tactics, then before going to sleep in the evening you review your day and see what happened good and what happened bad And how can you improve it?

It will take you a maximum of 2 minutes and according to the 2 Minute Rule, if any work takes 2 minutes or less, then you should finish it immediately without thinking a bit, and just do this one thing every day in your whole life. Bringing change will change your whole life.


So friends, we hope that now you have got complete information about Time Management: Best Time Management Tips and you will also apply it in your life. So if you liked this article, then definitely share it with your friends and tell us by commenting how did you like this article of ours.

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