The complete guide to Tattoo Needles

The complete guide to Tattoo Needles

The complete guide to Tattoo Needles :- Choosing which tattoo needle to use might be challenging when you’re just starting.Choosing which tattoo needle to use might be challenging when you’re just starting. There are several varieties and perplexing package labels. As a tattoo artist, you have to be able to read the packaging to pick the correct needle for the work. Distinct tattoo needle configurations have different impacts on the skin and are intended for use on various types of tattoos.

The complete guide to Tattoo Needles
The complete guide to Tattoo Needles

By the conclusion of this essay, you’ll know all there is to learn about tattoo needles, including which ones to use when to use them, why each is vital, and how to apply your newly acquired knowledge with your next tattoo.This is just an overview of The complete guide to tattoo needles  , so you better read further!

Tattoo Needle 

There are many needle types, and they all fall into four broad categories:

Tattoo Needles in Round Form

Circular needles are soldered in round patterns around a central shaft. Round needles can be used as liners or shaders, given how close they are together. Round liners are firmly packed (near together), making them ideal for technical work, fine lines, and details.

 You may also see loose circular liners. Open round liners create thick, dramatic outlines similar to those seen on Japanese-style tattoos. Round shaders are ideal for general color filling and simple shading. Round needles are abbreviated RL (Round Liner) and RS (Round Shader). They are often written with their quantity in front, such as 9RL. 

The number in front indicates the number of needles used in the configuration; for example, a 9RL has 9 needles set in a circular arrangement, a 7RL has 7, and so on. If you’re starting, circular shaders in sizes 3, 5, 7, and 9 are ideal for shading & filling in small areas.

Round needles utilize the same size tube as square needles. Therefore a 9RL hand will require a 9R line. It’s straightforward.

Flat Tattoo Needles

Flat needles are soldered to a needle bar in a straight line. Since of their design, these needles are most preferred for lining because they can transport more ink to the skin. This results in sharper, darker lines with a single stroke. 

Color fills may be delivered more rapidly with a single pass using larger flat needles. FL (Flat Liner) or, less frequently, FS (Flat Shader) are the abbreviations for flat needles. These, like round needles, are labeled with pins in front, such as 7FL or 5FS. Flat needles, like round needles, utilize their twin-sized tubes. Therefore a 7FL hand used a 7F line.

Tattoo Needles Magnum

Magnum needles are the preferred tool for nearly all shading work. The taper on these sets is similar to or slightly larger than the taper on round shaders. Magnums have a lot of paper, making them perfect for covering huge areas with color. Because they let such much ink through, you’ll require fewer runs over a region with magnum needles, resulting in less skin injury during numerous passes. There are several types of magnum needles:


The tattoo needle’s diameter (gauge) is a measurement of the thickest point on the needle.

The diameter of a tattoo needle influences ink flow. As a result, the finer and more regulated the stream of ink that pours out of the needle, the smaller the needle diameter. 

As a result, thinner tattoo needles offer smoother ink flow which is often preferable for line work. On the other hand, tattoo needles with bigger diameters provide a more accessible ink flow and may be preferable for shading or color.


When it comes to tattoo needles, various codes represent different things. The round liner (RL) is a tiny circular shape commonly used as lining needles. The other options are F for flats, M1 for weaving magnum, RS for the round shader, M2 for stacked magnum, and RM for round magnum.

How Do I Select The Best Tattoo Needles?

As you’ll see, there are several various sizes available. Our tattoo needle graph is intended to assist you in understanding the many types of tattoo needles. Choosing the right hands is crucial for matching your goals as just a tattoo artist and employing different needle types for other purposes such as coloring or outlining. This will yield the best benefits in the long term.

It’s A Wrap!

You can’t just choose a tattoo needle randomly and trust your creative abilities will lead you through the process. Using the correct needle for the job will allow you to tattoo better and more efficiently while inflicting less harm to the skin. Because you’ll be utilizing the right equipment for the task, you’ll be able to produce better tattoos with much fewer difficulties.

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