Struggle Motivational Quotes in 2022

Struggle Motivational Quotes

Struggle Motivational Quotes in 2022 : Friends, today we will tell you in this article that whatever you have young age and a lot of energy, how can you waste it, that is, how can you waste your youth and your whole life, by following these steps given by us. with help,

Note: You have to think deeply to understand this article and if you want to understand this article then you have to read it completely. You have to understand it by diverting your thinking, only then you will be able to understand it. In this article, you have to understand everything with emphasis. Because it is explained in the reverse way.

Now some of you will understand very easily what we are trying to say in this article and some people will not understand it. Some people will agree and some people will disagree and some people may find our words bad because today we are going to speak bitter truth.

Struggle Motivational Quotes in 2022
Struggle Motivational Quotes in 2022

Now to clear this confusion, let us first tell you that this article is going to be SARCASM, which if you understand further, you must have heard a lot by now that how you can improve your life by taking advantage of your young age. are | Know today how you can waste your life even we are sure more of you are already doing this.

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Struggle Motivational Quotes in 2022

1. Believe, You are Special :

Consider yourself special, understand that you are special from the rest and only something extra ordinary is going to happen to you in the future. You’ll have cars and a big house. People will respect you and your success a lot and you will have so much money that you will do world tour without worrying about money but yes you do not have to take any action today to get all these things because you are different and special. Struggle Motivational Quotes

That’s why you are going to get all these things only by miracle in the guaranteed future, so live not in today’s reality but in your own imaginary word. Consider yourself different from the people around you, smarter, more mature and more talented and unique, keep a distance from the rest because they do not understand how much talent is full inside you and they have no idea that you How successful are you going to become in the future?

They do not know how many dreams you have decorated in your heart for which you do not even take action, do not show yourself and others with your action and results that you have a strong self and what is the exact goal in your life. Just talk big and dream but in reality just waste time on phone and don’t do anything sacrificing. Why ! Hey because you’re special Don’t take actions today but postpone them for tomorrow. The edge you have today has the most energy inside you and the responsibilities are less, just waste it because tomorrow you are going to get everything on your own.

2. Make yourself and Others Fool :

You must have heard that successful people are always busy and take actions even when they do not feel like, try to be as busy as possible without understanding this thing deeply, even if you open the book in front of you at that time and get lost in thoughts. yes | Or while working, you are wasting time by opening social media on the side.

But as soon as someone passes by you, don’t forget to fool him that you are very focused and action taker and then as soon as that person leaves you, then again wasting time and using the same social media and get lost in your thoughts. Go then, as soon as your fixed time is complete, then fool yourself by saying that I was sitting on my Dax for so long. Even if you have remained unfocused and unproductive during that time.

Also, make sure to show your friends or family members that you are very busy. Nowadays, you can not waste your time with them but in reality then why not spend your time scrolling through Instagram and watching funny videos. are you

3. Follow the Wrong and Trending Career :

This step is very important and popular. Please if you want to waste your Young Age and your whole life then definitely choose wrong and trending career because most people do this if Engineer Government Employee, Entrepreneur, YouTuber, Businessman. Social Media Influencers etc. All this is in trend nowadays and you have seen some people doing this online, so without understanding yourself properly, please choose one of these careers.

Why ! Because there’s a lot of money in it. Security is Lavis life and because you think other people are looking happy doing it then I will be happy too without understanding what is your dream or passion in real life whether you are made for these things or not What are you really passionate about, the career you feel is right for you today, is it really right for you or is there a completely different life behind the luxury and shining things you see.

This is not right for you, do you know you are an artist. But you are sucking the second career just because there is not much money in art but there is a lot of money in other career. Even if you do not like doing that work and that process at all, you still follow that career because research and money is good in it.

So choose that career by following which your friend or your online role model has become successful and rich. Do not spend time on the fact that maybe you should follow your real passion without getting influenced by anyone.

4. Procrastinate a Lot :

Let your thoughts warn you that you should do something productive such as study, practice, work, then completely ignore such thoughts and feelings because right now you are feeling a little tired and busy. After All You have the rest of the day lying with you and you can do that work later too. Make sure that you leave all the work and productive habits of today as tension free on your future self.

Who will have more motivation and energy than you have inside. As much as you can, save your better version and works for the future because you have not done these things today and now but have to save it for the future. Live in the future as much as you can and procrastinate today as much as you can, put today’s work in tomorrow, waste as much time as you can by staying in the comfort zone because without wasting time how can someone waste their young age and young energy could Struggle Motivational Quotes.

5. Wait for Opportunities :

To move ahead in your career, don’t ever try to go out of the house to grab new opportunities and meet new people, rather wait that all the opportunities will come to your door on their own when the perfect time is there. After all, if something is going to happen then it will happen otherwise it will not happen even if you want!

You will suddenly one day get your dream job or identity automatically if you don’t try but just wait, then the most important habit you have to follow is that you don’t take any action or try to find a way out. How can you achieve what you want or what can be your next best action, rather wait for the perfect time and moment to come when you will get your opportunity automatically.

6. Isolate Yourself :

Most of the time try to be alone because this is not the only life to explore new things and places to meet new people, but the only meaning of life is that life is very tough, do not trust people It can be done and people do not cheat or understand you, so consider all of you equal in the same scale and be alone.

You will not be alone because you work for your life goal for hours, but you have to be alone so that you can play games for hours or compare your own life with the amazing life of others on social media. Put him inside a cage and make your fear so big that you go into a sad or depressed state because of isolation.

7. Focus on Things you can’t Control :

Feel as frustrative as possible with your parents, friends, traffic, government or other people, you have to believe that this world is very bad or you are living in the worst time in history and you You can neither change nor control all these things.

Get easily hurt by other people’s opinions. Worry about why your country has so many problems, why people don’t follow you. Why things don’t happen the way you want them to. And do not try to change their habit that you do not like about yourself, rather than controlling and changing yourself as much as possible, focus on those things and people which you cannot control, consider yourself powerful. Live a life full of frustration.


Friends, we hope that you have got information about Struggle Motivational Quotes in 2022 and you must have understood our article and you must have tried to understand it. So how did you like this article of ours, tell us by commenting.

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