Psychology Facts : About Personality, Love, Life

Psychology Facts : Friends, do you know that according to a study by Department of Psychology University college London, people who go till late in the night and sleep till late in the morning. Those people are often smart and quite creative and the IQ level of such people is also very high.

Psychology Facts
Psychology Facts

Even people who stay awake till such late night are called Night Owl and do you know only some Genius and creative people of the world like A. R. Rahman prefer to work only at night because they like to work late at night. Now this was the first Psychological Facts but next we are going to share with you 10 more Amazing Psychology Facts related to Human Psychology which will blow your senses.

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Psychology Facts : About Personality, Love, Life

2. Your friends know the future :

According to Tara McDonald and Mike Cross – If you are in a relationship with someone and you want to know whether your relationship with your partner will last longer or not, then according to Psychologist your family or close friends you as a third person Will tell some good and truth. If he always thinks only and only about the best and the best for you then,

Because often our best friends or close friends know us many times better than we do not know ourselves well and because dating couples see their relationship very optimally and positively where they do not see any problems and obstacles.

They think that everything will be alright in the end but it doesn’t happen and at the end their relationship doesn’t stop one day. That’s why it’s so important to take a close friend or third eye view of your relationship and their psychologically different prospective.

3. Your Language changes your Decisions :

Friends, in a recent study, it has been found that when you talk in another language, then your decisions change to a great extent. Actually, a study was conducted in the University of Chicago, in which it was seen that the students who were studying in their secondary language i.e. Communicate i.e. talking and studying in another language. His decisions were more Rational, Logical, Less Emotional and Correct, which shows that by simply changing our language, we start to process information very differently and change our behaviour.

So next time if you ever want to take a logical and right decision, then try to speak, think in another language. Even if you find that language broken or a little too much, chances are that your decisions will be more rational, logical, and correct.

4. Psychology of Shoes:

We’ve all heard the line, “First impression is the last impression.” But do you know that whenever someone meets you for the first time? Its first impression unconsciously goes to your shoes whereas shoes are the lowest part of your body.

And when you clean your shoes properly. If you wear clean properly, it shows that how much you take care of your lower part of the body, then how much disciplined, responsible and sincere person you will be mentally which creates a positive impact on you in the eyes of the front.

5. Money reduces stress :

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, the number 1 reason for stress in most people’s lives is Lake of Money. According to a study published even in 60% of cases, the main reason for psychological depression, anxiety and stress in people’s life is their financial problems.

Psychology Facts
Psychology Facts

That’s why Psychologist says that having sufficient money or more money removes extra stress in our life because with more money we have freedom in life and we are able to enjoy our life well that’s why you have so much money. It is very important so that you can enjoy your life without stress.

6. Lower Self Confidence :

People think that high self confidence is the main reason for achieving their success. But according to business psychologist Tomas Chamorro Premuzic this is not true, he says that Enough Low Confidence allows a person to take negative feedback and they are able to create more realistic goals. Which he also easily achieves.

If someone tells them their mistake, then their confidence becomes a little low, so that they are able to release their mistake well and correct it, so that they are able to change every criticism to a positive positive. So if you ever feel low confidence, then there is no need to force yourself to boost, but because of your low self confidence there are chances of your success.

7. Never Announce Your Goals :

Generally we feel that if we announce our goals to people, then we will come under a social pressure to achieve those goals and start working on our goals, but a research from New York University shows the opposite. According to researchers, people who announce their goals in advance feel like they have already achieved that goal. He creates a success in his mind with an illusion, due to which his motivation starts to lose and he is never able to achieve that goal.

8. Intelligent People worry a Lot :

Psychologist Dr. Albert Selby did a study on 126 under-grade students, in which it was found that students who were more worried than others were more verbally intelligent. Meaning he was able to analyze and understand the information very well. Whose reading and writing speed was also better than others. So if you are also very careful and anxious, then it may be a sign that you are an intelligent person.

9. Experiences are Gift :

If you want to give the perfect gift to someone that he will always remember. So remember that according to psychological research, experiencing experiences has a more long-lasting effect on people’s happiness than a materialistic gift because whenever you look back in your past, you remember most of life experiences, don’t you? The thing is, that’s why this time to impress someone, do an experience with them that is very unique that can trigger their different joyful emotions.

10. Cards vs Cash :

According to a recent study, people spend money very easily with their card or from any online payment system. Due to which people’s spending keeps increasing, but when we pay with physical cash, then we feel the pain of spending money in actual. We can actually see our money going out of our hands, but people who use credit cards more do not feel the pain of spending their money and they do not see their wallet empty, that is why they spend more and more. going to do


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