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All About Oasis Insurance Review in 2023

The non-governmental Oasis Insurance Broking Services Limited was established on July 29, 2009. It is categorized as a “company limited by shares” and is a public, unlisted company.

The authorized capital of the company is Rs 5.0 lakhs, and the paid-up capital of the company is Rs 5.0 lakhs.

All About Oasis Insurance Review in 2023
All About Oasis Insurance Review in 2023

Oasis Insurance Broking Services Limited has been primarily engaged in the business of providing business services for the past 13 years, but its operations are currently suspended. VISHAL KHUSHAL GADA, RAJESH CHAPSHI DEDHIA, and KIRTAN AMIT SHAH are the company’s directors and current board members.

The Registrar Office in Mumbai, Maharashtra, holds the company’s registration. 427/429, SVP Road, Prarthna Samaj, Charni Road, Mumbai Mumbai City MH 400004 IN is the registered address of Oasis Insurance Broking Services Limited.

Oasis Insurance Location and Overview

Oasis Insurance Service, which was founded in 2013 and is located in Porur, Chennai, is a major player in the Fire Insurance Agents industry in Chennai. Customers from all over Chennai can get their needs met at this well-known establishment, which serves as a one-stop shop. This company has established a solid position in its sector over the course of its history. This business has amassed a sizable customer base that continues to expand at a steady pace thanks to its belief that customer satisfaction is just as important as their goods and services. People who work for this company are dedicated to their roles and put in a lot of effort to achieve the company’s larger objectives and common vision. This company intends to increase its customer base and broaden its product and service offerings in the near future. This establishment is prominently situated in Porur, Chennai. The availability of a variety of transportation options makes it simple to commute to this location. This establishment’s location on Arcod Road, opposite Copper Kitchen and close to Reliance Digital, makes it simple for first-time visitors to locate it. It is well-known for providing excellent service in the following areas: Loans, insurance companies, car insurance agents, car loans, insurance agents, health insurance agents, second-hand car loans, and insurance agents for two-wheelers.

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