Kucoin vs Coinbase : Best Crypto Exchange

Kucoin vs Coinbase : Best Crypto Exchange

Kucoin vs Coinbase :- KuCoin is one of the largest crypto buying and selling structures in the world, serving over eleven million clients with a big vary of 600 coins, and a range of buying and selling markets. On the different hand, Coinbase is the biggest US-based crypto exchange, and is centered on making it easy for novices to buy crypto. In this article, we examine these two famous exchanges throughout a number of aspects, so you can figure out which is higher for you. For novices to crypto who are searching for the basics, Coinbase is the higher option, with greater credit methods, and the potential to withdraw fiat currencies. However, for superior crypto trading, KuCoin is the clear favorite, with extraordinarily low buying and selling prices of 0.1%, greater than 600+ on offer, masses of buying and selling markets, and superior features.

Kucoin vs Coinbase : Best Crypto Exchange
Kucoin vs Coinbase : Best Crypto Exchange

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Kucoin vs Coinbase : Best Crypto Exchange


It is free to savings cryptocurrency on KuCoin and this does no longer require KYC approval. However, the solely way for U.S. customers to purchase crypto on the platform with fiat cash is by way of 0.33 birthday party transfers such as simplex or banxa. KYC-verified clients from different nations may additionally be in a position to credit score cash by financial institution transfer, relying on the place they live.

Before we get into the buying and selling fees, let’s say you sold $500 of Bitcoin (BTC) the usage of one of the 1/3 birthday celebration apps. Pay interest to how a whole lot BTC you may get hold of and take a look at it towards the going rate. For example, we solely obtained $480 well worth of Bitcoin on one of the apps, which is really a 4% fee.

Once you’ve got received crypto property on the platform, the buying and selling expenses are decrease than a lot of exchanges, such as Coinbase. KuCoin makes use of a maker-taker gadget and reductions charges if you pay with and maintain its native token, KCS. Level zero (the entry pricing tier) fees a maker-taker price of 0.1%. Fees are additionally barely greater for much less frequent cryptocurrencies.


Coinbase makes it extraordinarily effortless to convert greenbacks into Bitcoin or any different famous crypto. However, it isn’t always so effortless to recognize how a lot you are paying in fees. Coinbase fees rely on your price technique and the transaction amount.

For example, to purchase $500 of Bitcoin via debit card, you would both pay a 3.99% processing rate or a $2.99 set rate — whichever was once higher. In this case, the $19.95 processing fee.

You’ll additionally pay an unspecified unfold (which ought to be round 0.5% of every transaction) — which is constructed into the fee quote you see earlier than you buy.

KuCoin vs Coinbase Fees

Deposit Fees

KuCoin does no longer aid fiat deposits. If you desire to purchase crypto with fiat, you can do so at the time of purchase, except pre-funding your account. The price of this varies from 3% – 5%, relying on your charge method. Click right here to discover out extra information.

To purchase crypto on Coinbase, you can both pay for it at once at the time of purchase, or credit score fiat forex into your account first. If you choose to credit first, these are the two techniques for US residents:

  • ACH Transfer: no fee
  • Wire Transfer: $10 fee

Trading Fees

KuCoin has extraordinarily low buying and selling charges beginning at simply 0.1%, and you can get hold of a 20% bargain if you pay prices with KCS coin (Kucoin’s token). This reduces the alternate price to solely 0.08% per trade. If you are a large-volume trader, or you maintain a massive quantity of KCS, you can limit your expenses even further, on a tiered structure. Click right here to see targeted statistics concerning buying and selling rate discounts.

To purchase crypto immediately the use of fiat forex on KuCoin, the charge levels from 3% – 5% primarily based on fee technique and fee channel. So even though the buying and selling price is very low, if you do now not have cryptocurrency already to change on the market, you want to pay a excessive charge to gather your preliminary coins.

Coinbase has a complicated buying and selling rate structure, consisting of two components. There is a 0.50% spread fee, and then every other ‘Coinbase fee’ on top, which is the large of the ‘flat fee’ or the ‘variable fee’, displayed below.

Withdrawal Fees

KuCoin does NOT guide fiat withdrawals which is the largest drawback of the exchange. You can solely withdraw cryptocurrency, and the flat charge varies relying on which coin you are withdrawing. You can see a full listing of KuCoin’s cryptocurrencies and their corresponding withdrawal expenses here.

KuCoin vs Coinbase Deposit Methods

KuCoin and Coinbase each take delivery of a vast vary of savings methods, to swimsuit customers from all round the world. Both exchanges take delivery of financial institution switch (SEPA), PayPal, savings card, debit card, Apple Pay and cryptocurrency.

KuCoin additionally accepts Skrill as a price method, which is no longer familiar on Coinbase.

Coinbase accepts more than a few charge strategies that are not supported on KuCoin, specifically financial institution switch (ACH), Fedwire, SWIFT and SOFORT/iDEAL

Coinbase’s withdrawal prices differ based totally on area and charge method. The most famous fiat withdrawal strategies are listed here, with their respective fees.

  • Bank Transfers (SEPA): €0.15
  • US Wire Transfer: $25

Coinbase does NOT help fiat withdrawals in Singapore and Australia, due to the fact you are now not allowed to promote your cryptocurrency on Coinbase in these countries.


No crypto alternate is proper for everyone. KuCoin and Coinbase are two very one of a kind merchandise that will attraction to unique sorts of investors.

Coinbase is a top notch alternative for new crypto merchants as it is extraordinarily reachable and has some first-rate instructional resources. Most importantly, Coinbase is reachable in each and every U.S. nation without Hawaii. It is a strong and dependable crypto exchange.

KuCoin’s principal advantages are intently related to its largest weakness. The reality that U.S. customers can not get demonstrated ability KuCoin can provide a wider vary of tokens and superior crypto buying and selling equipment like margin. It additionally provides a lot extra approaches for clients to earn passive earnings on their crypto than Coinbase. However, U.S. residents ought to be very cautious in the usage of an unlicensed platform.

In phrases of fees, KuCoin’s low buying and selling expenses are offset via the excessive fee of the usage of fiat forex to purchase crypto. The buying and selling expenses may also be barely higher on Coinbase Pro, however purchasers can savings cash for free. As such, KuCoin would possibly work out more cost-effective for widely wide-spread merchants who already have cryptocurrencies prepared to trade. Coinbase Pro would possibly be much less luxurious for anybody who needs to make greater widespread greenback deposits.

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