How to Become Rich in 2022

How to Become Rich in 2022 : Friends, do you know who is the Fastest Billionaire in this world Jay Walker who launched his website in early 2000. Due to which his net worth had increased to $ 1.8 billion in a year and it took 55 years for Warren Buffett to earn his first billion dollars.

How to Become Rich in 2022
How to Become Rich in 2022

But when the Dotcom bubble busted, Jay Walker’s Billions of Dollars for the year 2000 was just $333 million. At the same time, Warren Buffett was included in the Top 1% Richest Club of the world even today and will continue to do so.

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How to Become Rich in 2022

But after all, what are the Investing Secrets of the Different 1% Richest Billionaires like Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio that keep them from growing their wealth. Whereas people like Jay Walker lose their money, that’s why we are going to share with you all the Investing Secrets of Top 1% Richest people, so definitely watch the article till the end –

1. Rich Don’t Speculate :

Almost all average people invest on the basis of specification. Speculation means to predict the future in a way, people somehow prove that what they are thinking will be the same, behind which there is no research or strategy, but they just hope that where they are investing, they will give them very good Will give returns.

For example:

Suppose some humor is spreading that Apple is going to bring a completely new world changing technology with its new product, then everyone here will think that Apple will get a lot of profit with this product and more and more people will start buying Apple’s Stocks. Apple’s share price will increase and investors will also be happy, but if people turn out to be unlucky and this humor proves to be wrong or if that technology will not make much difference, then people will start withdrawing their money in loss and this will make Apple’s stock. will decree.

This is the region that the share price of any company is so fluctuate, whose reason is Market Speculation, Buy Real Investors never get involved in these things because they do not have any interest in earning Short Term Return from the market, they play Long Term Game. |

2. Rich Makes Money Through Dividends :

Most of the people think that when to buy stocks and when to sell, but if you study Warren Buffett’s career well then you will see that he never sells his stocks because he is always holding stocks of all companies. But if you think, then Warren Buffett does not get any salary and so many of his wealth are in stocks which he has to sell these stocks to convert into cash and if he does not do it then after all he is for Daily Living. How do you earn money?

Well, whenever a company earns a profit, the company has two ways, either to keep those money in the company’s funds or distribute it among its shareholders and many big companies keep those money instead of keeping profit with them. Directly divides its shareholders in the form of dividend which comes directly in their bank account.

You hold more shares of that company and the more time you do, the more Dividend you get, only then Warren Buffett earns more from Coca-Cola’s dividend than the salary of Coca-Cola’s CEO and this becomes the company’s growth. Because of its Stocks, Investing and High Consumer Need.

Well think for yourself how many American products and services we Indians use daily basis, we watch movies on Netflix, do shopping on Amazon and use Phone Apple or any other American brand but instead of thinking only with consumer mind If we think from Investor Mind, then how good would it be if we would also benefit from the growth of these companies?

Well! It is possible By Investing in US Stocks, the growth of a company like Apple, Amazon, Google has been very good and will continue to be good, but do you know that you can also buy Fractional Shares in the US Stock Market, which means a stock small part | We know that Rupees depreciate every year against Dollar, which will give you the benefit of Rupee Depreciation along with the growth of Stocks.

3. Never Loose your Money :

Warren Buffett’s most important rule in investing is where he says.

Rule 1. “Never Lose Money.”

Rule 2. “Never Forget Rule Number One.”

That is why the number one priority of the richest investor in the world is that he protects himself from any kind of loss, for which he keeps his portfolio divorce. Whose Greatest Example is Another Great Investor Ray Dalio of the world. Who had diversified his portfolio so well that even the Great Warren Buffett lost $23 billion in 2008 Market Place where almost everyone was losing 50%. At that time Ray Dalio had to face a loss of only 1.8%.

Tony Robbins had interviewed the world’s top 50 best investors in his book Money Master the Game, in which he saw only one thing in common where all those people were passionate about the same thing where he did not want to earn high returns, but he simply He used to save money from going into loss in any way, where he wanted to see maximum returns and take the least risk, that is why Benjamin Graham also used to say that before looking at the history of any stock, you should keep in mind the history of the market. Because you have to learn to be mentally prepared even for decisions without saying.

Where everyone else loses their money and sells stocks, all the top investors are mentally strong who deal well with market crashes because they know that the market always recovers, so the richest investors understand this. That they should never put all their eggs in one basket and should always diversify their investment as much as possible.

4. Pricing vs Value :

Rich people before investing their money focus the most on the pricing and value of that company so that they check that how much value they are going to get in the money they are going to invest whenever the prices of any company And if it is getting less than its Intrinsic Value, then all the Intelligent Investors understand this opportunity very well, that is why they invest in such a company whose price is low and the value is very high.

For example:

Warren Buffett bought American Express stocks when the company was not able to pay its debts, due to which the value of American Express’s shares was reduced by more than half but the company was doing Perfectly Perception, there was no problem in it, just him. There was a big financial loss. Warren Buffett saw that its share value was very underpriced, so he bought $ 13 million worth of stocks, the investment of which today is worth more than $ 7 billion.


So friends, we hope that now you have got complete information about How to Become Rich in 2022 and have also known Investing Secrets along with it. We hope that after reading this article of ours, you will be able to grow your Net Wealth.

If you have any question related to this, then you can ask us in the comment box, we will definitely answer your questions. With this, what do you want to know about next, share it with us, we will try to write an article on it.

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