What is Effective Communication Skills

Good Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills : Everyone does this to communicate their Thoughts and Expression. But the communication skills of some people are so strong. That they get success in every field. It is the communication skill that if combined with your talent and passion, can make you a star. And if your communication skills are weak even with hardworking, then the brightness of the star inside you can also fade.

Effective Communication Skills
Effective Communication Skills

In such a situation, you must have got an idea of Communication Skills. And you would also want that your communication skills should also become strong. That is why we have brought this article to help you and to enhance your personality.

After reading this, you will also be able to strengthen your communication skills. And you too will start working on the right track. That is why in this article we are going to tell you that Effective Communication Skills?

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Effective Communication Skills

1. Be Aware of Your Thoughts and Feelings:

You should be aware of your feelings and thoughts, many times we feel that our communication skills are very weak. That is why we are not able to communicate our point properly. But this could also be the real reason for this. That we are not aware of our own thoughts and feelings.

We do not know what is our Clear Opinion on any topic. And what do we think about any issue? In such a situation, when we get a chance to express our views, we feel confused. And are not able to communicate properly. That is why before learning all the other skills, start clearing your thought pattern, and keep clear opinion.

2. Start Expressing Yourself:

Do not suddenly get ready to speak in an office conference or among many people, rather start the practice by taking small steps. Start Clear Communicate With Yourself. Then start keeping your opinion among your family members. And then slowly take part in the discussion between friends and office colleagues.

By doing this, you will automatically become an expert in speaking and expressing yourself between the conference and the crowd. That’s why start now.

3. Pay attention to Body Language:

Even during the practice of expressing yourself in small steps and after that you have to make a command on body language to present yourself in an impressive way on a large level also. Because communication is not only done by speaking, a lot is heard even by hand gestures.

Effective Communication Skills

3 Important Body Language Tips:

These tips will help in making your communication skills strong.

  • Maintain Strong and Clear Body Language. Your body language can also make your communication skills a super hit. And can also stop in the middle. That is why you have to be aware of your body language during communication. Do not keep your hands tied at the time of communication. Do not keep the shoulders high.
  • Maintain Eye Contact. For successful interaction, it is very important that you keep looking in the eyes of the person in front of you even while speaking and listening. By doing this, encouragement and interest remains in the conversation between two people.
  • Use gestures during the conversation. Only Eye Contact will not make a difference. Use the gestures of your hands and face to show you the full Involvement. So that it seems that your whole body is taking part in this talk.

Apart from this, you have to learn to use Words properly. Only your body language will not be able to help you in this. As long as your spoken words will not be Appropriate and Impressive of your spoken words. So it won’t work

That is why you have to choose Suitable Words according to Conversation. And to speak like this in your Clear Voice. So that every word can be clearly understood by the listener. And what you said through those words should also be understood correctly.

It should not happen that while talking to the person sitting nearby, you should talk loudly and speak in a very slow voice in front of the crowd. Avoid using such words whose true meaning you do not even know.


So friends, whether you are a student or go to office or you are a homemaker. To improve your Effective Communication Skills, you should start trying all these tips from today itself. And if you want a little extra tips, then that extra tip is to use a little Hummer in your words.

So that your stress is removed, as well as the people who listen to you, and the people who interact with you, will also like you more. Along with this, keep a positive smile on your face.

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