Best Books to read of All Time in 2022

Best Books to read of All Time in 2022 : Friends, today we are going to share 22 such books of yours which will grow your mindset, knowledge and wisdom more and at the same time will make your life more better and smarter.

Best Books to read of All Time in 2022
Best Books to read of All Time in 2022

These Books are those Amazig Books that most people do not know about and we are sure that you also do not know about most of these Books, but we want that our Family of The Rajpoot Express i.e. you should know about all these Books. Must know and you must read these books once in life.

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Best Books to read of All Time in 2022

Friends, you will find the Best Buying Links of all these 22 Books in the Paragraph of every Books. By buying any book from these links only, you can support us a little bit, so without wasting much time let’s know which are those 22 Amazing Books.

1. Your Best Year Ever :

We set many goals every year which can change our life. In the beginning, we also work on our goals, just after some time we get stuck in our day to day life and we do not even remember all our resolution till the end of the year.

But by reading this book, you can make this year your best year in any coming year. By achieving all your goals and resolution, because in this book the author shares with us a powerful and research based system of setting goals and achieving them. With the help of which we can set or plan our New Year Goals or any Goal.

2. Anything you Want :

If you want to know how to build a successful business by following your passion, then this book is for you. Where Author: Derek Sivers shares his journey, how he started a company named cdbaby with his passion for music. He grew a lot, and then sold him in around $ 20 Million Dollars. In this book, the author shares with you a very simple life and business related approach, which you have never heard before.

3. The Righteous Mind :

If you like psychology or want to know how the human mind works, then this book is a must read for you. From this book you will learn a lot about yourself and human nature. That’s how some people follow a False Belief. How his emotions overwhelm him and he forgets logic. After this book your mind set will be completely changed. You will learn how your Behaviors and Actions are in control of your mind and that what you think you are is not what you really are.

4. A Million miles in a Thousand Years :

This book is not a Typical Self Help Book, but it is very different from it. Where you do not get some over the top knowledge, nor any powerful advice. In this book you follow the story of a Writer. On whose life some people want to make a movie and when he sees the moment of his life, he realizes that he has not done anything interesting in life. Which can be converted into a movie. Which people can enjoy and so that people can be inspired. Friends, this story is very Engaging, reading which you will learn many important lessons about Life.

5. What Every Body is Saying :

The author of this book is an Ex. He is an FBI agent who has interrogate many criminals in his career and learned a lot about body language. Most of us do not realize this, but in reality, our body language communicates much more than what we speak, so that is why the author says that we all should have knowledge of body language along with communication and your help in learning it. This will book will teach you all about body language.

6. The art of Impossible :

Best Books to Read in Hindi: If you find anything impossible about life, then after reading this book, once again think about that impossible task. Your View Will Change Completely. Here Author decodes the secret of all Elite Performers, Atheletes, Artists, Scientists, CEOs and you will also find many Thought Provoking Inspirational Quotes in this book.


“The reason that we’re not living up to our potential is that we’re not in the habitof living up to our potential.”

7. Courage to be Disliked :

This is one of the most high hitting book in this list which will tell you many such truths about human life which people usually ignore. If you consider yourself a People Pleaser, if you are so busy fulfilling the expectations of others that you have forgotten your true potential, then you must read this book. There is a very good quote from this book –

“The more one is praised by another person, the more one forms the belief thatonehas no ability. Please do your best to remmber this.”

8. The Productivity Porject :

If you struggle to focus on your work. If you want to beat your Procrastination and do your work with full focus, then this book The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey, the author of Hyperfocus book. You will definitely like Where the author shares many such practical steps with you through his many years of research, which will increase your concentration level and your overall productivity greatly.

9. Shoe Dog :

This book is about the World Famous Brand NIKE, how the author built this company and the brand NIKE. What challenges did they face and how did they overcome those challenges. Now hearing this book seems like a Typical Business Book where you will get to know about the business and numbers of the company but this book is much more than that, from this book you will learn to solve many problems of your life in a better way. You will learn very well about Mental Health, Physical Health, Ambitions, Dreams, Goals and Life.

10. How to not Die Alone :

Best Books to read of All Time in 2022: If you like Men are from Mars, Women are form Venus Book and you want to understand romantic relationship better. Want to find the right partner for you? So the author of this book is Logan Ury, who is a Behavior Scientist who has done research on dating and relationships for many years, this book of his will help you a lot in finding the right Pertner in this Modern Dating World.

11. Make Time :

This is One of the Best Book on Time Management. If you feel overloaded with your work, your life has become a mesh. So this book will share you with your important goals and practical steps to do the work. There is a famous quote from this book –

“You one waste time if you’re not intentional about hwo you spend it.”

12. Algorithms to Live By :

The author of this book, who is a computer programmer, together with a psychologist, discovered how we can use computer programs in our brain, how we complicate simple problems in our own mind. From your parking problem to relationship problems, this book will help you to scientifically trend your mind. This book is one of the best books to read in Hindi.

Quote from the Book : “In the long run optimism is the best prevention fo regret.”

13. The Unfair Advantage :

To be successful in life, only 8 hard work and smart work are not successful. There is definitely an Unfail Advantage in everyone’s life which helps them to stay ahead of the rest. Be it money, a college degree, skills, connections with people, anything other people don’t have. In this book, the author teaches us to find our Unfair Advantage with the help of framwork, which is very important for our success.

14. The Bitcoin Standard :

As the Internet was newly intruduced, many people had earned Billions of Dollars by using it. In the same way Blockchain is like Next Internet Revolution. Bitcoin is the next currency, that is why it is very important for us to learn about it because in this book the author shares Bitcoin and the technology behind it with us in a very easy language that anyone can understand easily.

15. The Almanack of Naval Ravikant :

Naval Ravikant is the Most Beloved Philospher of this world who sees life from a very different perspective. This book is based on Naval Ravikant’s life long wisdom and life experiences. By which you know many such principals where you learn from building wealth to creating Life Long Happiness, there is a quote from this book.

“Happiness is what’s there when you remove the sense that something is missing in your life.”

16. Think Again :

This book focuses on the fact that in order for you to have a clear vision and achieve your goals, you have some beliefs that you have to forget. To learn anything new, you have to unlearn a lot of things that do not serve any purpose in your life. To come out of your False Beliefs and Wrong Ideas, do what is right for you in life, you have to be mentally flexible, for this you must read this book. Best Books to read of All Time

17. The Daily Stoic :

People who came to this world 2000 years ago, all the philosophers and scholars of that time, in this book you will find timeless wisdom and advices of those people who are still relevant today and can help in transforming your life completely. The Author Ryan Holiday of Best Seller Book Ego is the Enemy has very easily explained the whole philosophy of Stoic House in this book. So that you can take advantage of it by reading one page every day. Which will help a lot in developing your reading habit.

18. Your Money or Your Life :

If you are thinking of starting your Investing Jouney this year, then you should start with this book related to money. In this book, the author teaches us all the fundamentals related to money in very easy language and shares nine practical steps so that you can start your financial freedom journey.

19. Finite and Infinite Games :

Friends, from this book, we learn a better way to differentiate our goals. Authors tell us that there are two types of goals in our life. One who achieves that, he completes. The other ones which we have to keep doing continuously which has no endpoint and how we should achieve these goals, not only Goals but we keep playing this Finite and Infinite Game with people and with us all our life and how do we get into it. It can be better, it teaches us very well.

20. The Dip :

In today’s time where people say “Never Giver up.” Like following quotes and without any solid reason just to not give up, they go on doing a thing that has no value in their life, this book will teach you that sometimes quitting is also an act of courage. | We should not always be stuck on one thing and how we should worm our mouth by quitting at the right time and start working on our next goal, this book will teach you.

21. Things you see only when you slow down :

“Is it the world that’s busy or my mind ?”

This world keeps changing very fast but it means that you also have to change yourself at the same speed. The author of this book, who is himself a Buddhist monk, shares with us many important facts related to every field of life. If you want to start Mindfulness, then reading this book is like meditation in itself.

22. Good Vibes Good Life :

If you are feeling too much Self Doubt, Low Self Steam and Negative in Life then this book is best for you. This book will take you on the journey of self-love and your confidence will get a huge boost. The author says,

“Self-love is the balance between accepting yourself as you are while knowing you deserve better and then working towordes it.”

Conclusion: Best Books to read of All Time

Friends, which book did you like, which you want to read, please tell us the name of those books by commenting. So friends, we hope that now you have got complete information about Best Books to read of All Time in 2022 and you must have been able to know about it in detail. If you have any question related to this then you can ask us in comment box.

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