Amidst controversies, actress Ameesha Patel has directed Anil Sharma

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Bridge 2: Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel is in discussion these days due to her upcoming film ‘Gadar 2’. Every day some or the other news related to the actress keeps coming. Now the latest news is that the actress has shared a long post on social media for the director of her upcoming film Gadar 2, Anil Sharma.

The actress tweeted (Gadar 2)

Actress now in the midst of all these controversies, Ameesha Patel has recently shared a picture from her Twitter handle. In this photo Amish is seen with director Anil Sharma. Sharing this picture, Ameesha Patel wrote in the caption, “Spent the whole day with Anil Sharma in his office, he is a director whom I know since the age of 24 and respect him a lot. Watched and enjoyed the song Khairiyat with him and the entire team.”

The director was accused

However, some time ago, the actress had made several tweets one after the other accusing Anil Sharma. He accused Anil Sharma’s production house of being unprofessional. Apart from this, Ameesha also told that she has not even cleared the dues of some crew members. Reacting to this allegation of Ameesha, Anil Sharma had said that his allegations are baseless but Ameesha has made him famous.

Actually, Ameesha Patel had tweeted one after the other on Twitter, in which she wrote, “Fans have one more concern related to Anil Sharma’s productions. Several incidents took place in Chandigarh in the final schedule of Gadar 2. There were some questions that several technicians, make-up artists and costume designers had not received their full remuneration and dues from Anil Sharma Productions. Yes, they didn’t get it, but Zee Studio took a big step and all the people’s dues were cleared because it is a professional company.” Not only this, Ameesha Patel further wrote, “Yes, accommodation, transport to Chandigarh airport on the last day of the shoot, food bills were not paid. Also, cars were not provided to some of the cast and crew members, leaving them stranded but again Zee Studios solved the problems created by Anil Sharma.”

Will be released on August 11

In the end, actress Ameesha Patel thanked Zee Studios from the bottom of her heart and wrote, “Everyone associated with the film knows that Gadar 2 was being produced by Anil Sharma Productions, which unfortunately failed many times but Zee Studios always handled the situation. Special thanks to Shariq Patel, Neeraj Joshi, Kabir Ghosh and Nishit. Let us tell you that Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel starrer ‘Gadar 2’ will release on August 11 at the box office.

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