Rajesh Khanna Death Anniversary: ​​When Rajesh Khanna doctor


Rajesh Khanna Death Anniversary: Today is the death anniversary of Rajesh Khanna, the first superstar of Hindi cinema. The life of Rajesh Khanna, who breathed his last in Mumbai on July 18, 2012, has been as colorful as films. Let’s take a look at his life on his death anniversary.

Industry’s first superstar (Rajesh Khanna Death Anniversary)

Rajesh Khanna, popularly known as ‘Kaka’ in Bollywood, is called the first superstar of Hindi cinema. On this day, Rajesh Khanna said goodbye to the world. Rajesh Khanna was born on 29 December 1942 in Amritsar. Interestingly, he was the first superstar to deliver 17 blockbuster movies in Bollywood. According to reports, Rajesh Khanna gave 17 consecutive blockbuster films between 1969 and 1971, after which he was called the first superstar of Hindi cinema.

Close Bhupen Rasin opened many secrets

If we talk about Rajesh Khanna’s stardom, then his stardom started with Shakti Samant’s Aradhana (1969). He gave 17 consecutive blockbuster films. Rajesh Khanna has seen such stardom in his era, which is difficult to even imagine. From his stardom to his personal life, his close aide Bhupesh Rasin has seen it very closely. Let’s know some interesting things about Kaka’s personal life in his own words.

Bhupesh Rasin and Rajesh Khanna were together for almost 22 years. Bhupesh treated Kaka like his elder brother. Bhupesh also claims that everyone knows their share of Kaka. I am the only person who has been aware of every part of him. I also know that part of him, which he had hidden from the rest.

Wanted to take last breath in mother’s room

In a special conversation, Bhupesh says that ‘I first want to mention the last year of his life. He spent this last year just like Anand. He was undergoing treatment in Lilavati. Started saying to the doctor in a very funny way that when is the doc my life’s visa expiring? He wanted to spend the last time of his life in his home. He told the doctor that he wanted to spend his last moments in his mother’s room. Bhupesh told that in such a big bungalow there were two rooms on the ground floor, three bedrooms upstairs. He used to stay in his mother’s room only. He often used to tell me that my cremation should be done here, my fourth should be here. He had accepted his death. There was no need to spend much. However, he was never seen weakening in the meantime. He used to meet people with a smile.

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