Powerful trailer of film Ajmer 92 released

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Ajmer 92 Trailer Out: The trailer of Bollywood’s much awaited film ‘Ajmer 92’ is finally out. The film narrates the story of the rape of 250 girls in Ajmer between 1987 and 1992.

A film telling the story of Ajmer (Ajmer 92 Trailer Out)

After a long wait and a lot of controversies, the makers have finally released the trailer of the film ‘Ajmer 92’. After watching its trailer, some people may also object to it. For the time being, before that let’s talk about some aspects related to its trailer. The first thing that is understood after watching the trailer is that the film is based on the rape of 250 girls that took place between 1987 and 1992. Along with this, the suicide of many of the same girls has also been shown. This news spreads panic and religious frenzy in Ajmer. The story revolves around how some people rape these girls by blackmailing them.

Story of politics on death

The trailer begins with a journalist, to whom a couple brings a photo of their future daughter-in-law and asks her to find out whether she has been raped or not. After this, the journalist directly narrates what had happened in Ajmer in the year 1992, then looking at the politics and wavering action of the police on the death of the girls, the journalist himself starts investigating the matter. He finds nude pictures of several underage girls.

The story of rape of 250 girls opens

After this the Hindu-Muslim angle is seen in the trailer. When the journalist investigates with the help of the police, it is found that a gang of some people takes nude photographs of girls and circulates them among boys and the boys blackmail and rape them by showing that picture. The journalist learns that 250 girls have been raped like this.

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