Atul Parchure is battling cancer

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Atul Parchure Battling With Cancer: Big news related to ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ fame Atul Parchure is coming out. If reports are to be believed, the actor is battling a deadly disease like cancer.

Actor battling with cancer (Atul Parchure Battling With Cancer)

From TV to films, Atul Parchure, who makes people laugh with his acting and flirtatious character, is himself facing the difficulties of life. In his latest interview, the actor has revealed that he is suffering from a deadly disease like cancer. In an interview given to a channel, Atul Parchure said, “25 years of my marriage had been completed. When we went to Australia and New Zealand, I was fine but after a few days I could not eat anything” The actor further added, “I felt something was wrong. Later my brother gave me some medicines but they did not help me.

Tumor in the liver

After visiting several doctors, I was asked to undergo ultrasonography. When the doctor did this, I could see the fear in his eyes and I was convinced that something was wrong. I was told that I have a tumor about 5 cm long in my liver and it is cancerous. I asked him whether I would be fine or not, and he said, ‘Yes, you will be fine. However, the treatment backfired on me and my health deteriorated further and the surgery was delayed.”

Increased trouble due to wrong treatment

Atul said, “After finding out, my very first procedure had gone wrong. My pancreas got affected and I started having problems. The wrong treatment actually worsened the condition. I couldn’t even walk. I stammered while talking. In such a situation, the doctor asked me to wait for one and a half months. They said that if they do surgery I will have jaundice for years and my liver will be filled with water or I will not survive. Later I changed the doctor and took proper medication and chemotherapy.

Showed strength in these shows

Along with this, the actor said that I will soon know whether I have fully recovered or not. Please tell that Atul got R.K. Has been seen in shows like Laxman Ki Duniya, Comedy Nights With Kapil, Jaago Mohan Pyare and Bhago Mohan Pyare, among many others. People still remember his character.

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