Ejaz Khan became emotional remembering the days spent in jail

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Ajaz Khan: Bigg Boss 7 fame Eijaz Khan was in jail for the last 26 months in the drugs case. The actor came out of jail on June 19 after getting bail. Now the actor has made heart-wrenching revelations remembering the days spent in jail. Recently, during a press conference, the actor narrated his ordeal in jail to the media. Ejaz had told that he had gone into depression after seeing the situation there.

Rats used to come out in pulses (Ajaz Khan)

Talking about the 26 months he spent in jail, Ejaz said that the jail had only three toilets for 400 inmates and they were always full. He said, “I read a lot of books inside the jail, I learned a lot there. I realized the cost of every grain and vegetable. When I stayed there with those prisoners and gangsters, they taught me the importance of life. I used to eat those dry rotis and rice like stone. Rats used to come out in pulses, pulses with worms were available. Today if someone gives me even a little bit, I will eat it happily.

Helped big stars – Ejaz Khan

Eijaz further adds, “I supported my fraternity friends inside the jail and helped them with food and basic needs. Be it Aryan, Armaan Kohli or Raj Kundra. It is the most crowded prison in the world. People sleep like sheep and goats. There are more than 3000 prisoners in jails with a capacity of 800 prisoners.

Staying alive was a difficult task – actor

Ejaz says, “It took me a month to accept normal life. I could not understand how to eat good food or how to bathe in a clean bathroom. In jail, I used to eat lentils and dry rotis with rats and insects, so I was trying to accept this life again. I had to sleep on the floor with those insects and only a sheet. Ejaz further adds, “The most challenging task in these two years was to stay alive. In those circumstances, I had to survive in jail. It was not easy but I had to come out alive for my family and those who prayed for me. Jail taught me to be happy even with minimum facilities.

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