Gauhar Khan showed her baby shower

Gauhar Khan

Gauahar Khan God Bharai: Gauhar Khan gave birth to a son on 10 May. Since birth, the actress keeps sharing the posts of this special phase with her fans on social media. Now in this episode, the actress has uploaded the photo of her baby shower on social media.

Mother was born on May 10 (Gauahar Khan God Bharai)

Please inform that Zaid Darbar and Gauhar Khan welcomed their son Zehan on 10 May 2023. Recently, couples who have become new parents often share something or the other with their fans on social media. Apart from this, Gauhar and Zaid also keep giving cute glimpses of their child to the fans. In this episode, for the first time, the actress has shared a glimpse of her baby shower ceremony with the fans, seeing which the fans are reacting fiercely.

share baby shower photo

In fact, when Gauhar Khan was 7 months pregnant, her baby shower ceremony was performed. The actress has shared the photo of her private baby shower function on Instagram. In one picture, she is seen wearing a white outfit. In the picture, Gauahar is seen flaunting her baby bump. Apart from this, Gauahar is also seen wearing floral jewelery in the photo.

Emotions shared on becoming a mother

Sharing these, the actress wrote in the caption, “This custom flower jewelery was made for my personal baby shower. This is a picture in which I have worn jewelery with great love. Throwback picture of being 7 months pregnant.” Talking about her journey, Gauahar said that becoming a mother gives a whole new meaning to your life. He felt extremely grateful to have found a new meaning in his life after the birth of his son.

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