Tiku Weds Sheru How funny? read review

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Disclaimer- No movie mafia paid me (Ashwini Kumar) to review Tiku Weds Sheru.

Ashwini Kumar: How will it be when an outsider who himself has made his place by struggling in the industry for a long time makes a film. Come on, even if he produces, he will show such truth that you will be shocked to see. Anyway, we have already heard a lot of stories about Tiku Weds Sheru.

Like about 8 years ago, writer-director Sai Kabir had dreamed of this film with late Irrfan Khan and Kangana Ranaut. Then Sai Kabir’s health deteriorated so much that the film went on hold for 3-4 years. Then the death of Irrfan Khan eclipsed this film again. When it finally came to make the film, Kangana had moved on a long way.

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Film made under the banner of Manikarnika film

So he made this film with Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Avneet Kaur under the banner of his production house Manikarnika Films. You would not have expected badly from this love-story woven on the backdrop of coming to Mumbai with big dreams from small towns and making a mark in the film industry.

The story of the film started with Shiraz Khan Afghani of Indore

Sai Kabir, who has written unsuccessful films like Revolver Rani for Kangana, begins the story of this film with Shiraz Khan Afghani of Indore, who is a junior artist in Mumbai. The one who considers himself to be the most unique actor, but goes one step further in the background and shows the proof of his performance by saying even one word, his place is changed.

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Sheru is expert in driving big

Shiraz aka Siddiqui aka Sheru, who instigates or forces full time struggler and part time model-junior girl artiste for prostitution, is adept at big racketeering. Like he cheats people in his desire to make a film. Sits in the company of the local don and yet he is the hero of the film. Well Shiraz’s family arranges his relationship with Tanseem aka Tiku, a beautiful but spoiled girl from Indore.

Tiku wants to be a heroine

Tiku wants to become a heroine and she wants to get out of Indore house at any cost to reach her lover who dreams of making her a superstar. Infatuated with Tiku’s beauty, Sheru marries him with a dowry of 10 lakhs, and then as soon as he reaches Mumbai, his wife runs away from home. Then there is a shock, Tiku has someone else’s child in his stomach.

plot twist

Sheru goes ahead and adopts Tiku and shows him through the false world of his dreams. Well, there will be a twist in this story, reality will be revealed, the face of casting couch will be seen in the film industry. Forced girls will be seen being pushed for sex for money and then finally coming and entering the don’s lair, dancing in the guise of a girl and saving the hero-heroine in the midst of bullets.

confusing story

At least as confused as you are on hearing this ridiculous story, we are equally disappointed. The film industry about which Kangana tells so many secrets everyday on social media, if the same was picked up, the film would have become an interesting story.

Tiku and Sheru’s love story

Well Tukde Tukde Mein Tiku Weds Sheru also impresses you like the 20-25 minute sequence of casting couch and film sets piques your interest, but then as soon as this story revolves around Tiku and Sheru’s love story, the story The fleet gets bogged down. Sai Kabir’s writing and direction has once again disappointed tremendously.

Cartoon made of capable actor

Such scenes have been written for Nawaz that you will get upset as to what kind of cartoon such a capable actor has been made, but Nawaz has made the effort. He even tried dancing to a Spanish song but you don’t relate at all with an over-the-top dramatic character.

1.5 stars Tiku Weds Sheru

Avneet Kaur has also given her life in the performance, but the writing of the character has spoiled the whole work. The casting of both of Tiku and Sheru’s character is also completely awkward with each other. The character of Vipin Sharma in the character of Don and Zakir Khan in the role of Neta makes the experience of the film worse. 1.5 stars for this love story of Tiku and Sheru.

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